Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Broken appliances

Anyone who read my Kitchen Survey post last week may remember I mentioned that our dishwasher is broken. Well, add to that, the oven.

Last night fish pie was on the menu, although I decided to change that to fish-cakes. (James really doesn't like fish pie, nor do I actually! In fact I don't really like fish at all, and only cook it every once in a while because I know it's supposed to be good for us!) Anyway, fish-cakes.

I was boiling the potatoes on the hob and had put the fish in the oven to cook. Meanwhile I was making the breadcrumbs, chopping the herbs, preparing the veg, assembling my bowls of egg, flour and crumbs in a nice neat line. Soon after I had put the oven on, the electric tripped. No big deal. I checked the fuse box and it was the downstairs switches that were off. This happens whenever a bulb in a lamp blows, so I assumed this was what had happened, flicked the switch and went back to work.

Only once the potatoes were drained and I went to get the fish from the oven did I realise the oven was stone cold, the fish uncooked and I was now way behind with my dinner plans!

I did complete the dinner, cooking the fish in a pan and shallow frying the fish-cakes instead of cooking them in the oven, but it was later than usual. I was annoyed and down-hearted that something else was broken; little Alasdair was fed up because I'd spent so long over dinner and not with him; David was wrestling Calum because he always seems to get like that at dinner time; James was frustrated because he had to take longer over his homework since the computer had gone off with the electric and it takes forever to re-start; and then my Mr Wonderful came home from work, whisked up little Alasdair and took him, David & Calum out to the garden to play football while I finished off dinner, then he came back in and handed me not one but TWO boxes of Walnut Whips, my most favourite chocolates in the world! Just because.

Everything was back in perspective. No, not because of the chocolates, but because of my beloved.

This morning I've been googling our oven fault. The fan still works, the grill still works, so I'm thinking it must be the element that has gone. I've even found a how-to guide for fixing it but our friendly local appliance engineer is coming tonight to look at it anyway. Let's see if I'm right!


  1. Oooh nightmare, but all ended on a sweet note, how lovely!!

    Hope the oven gets sorted soon, I had to do a couple of weeks without an oven before, it used up a lot more brain power thinking of what to do seeing we take the oven for granted!

  2. I know, my initial thought was that it would be easy enough to plan dinner around the hob, but then it struck me - no cakes!

  3. It does seem like things just come one thing after another sometimes. I know it is especially difficult when you are wanting to move. It makes it hard. The fish cakes sound like a great alternative. I love how your sweet husband came in with such a wonderful heart and blessed you and played with the kids. A good man. As you say it puts everything back into perspective.


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