Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine's Food and LEGO!!

Ok, just a wee post tonight as there is a 3 minute video clip at the bottom and I don't want to overdo things!

Like I said last week, in our house we celebrated Valentine's Day on Saturday. I had been telling the boys that I was planning to bring daddy up some coffee in bed then make a big breakfast for us all. James' reply to this was, 'but it's your Valentine's Day too so we will bring the tea upstairs.'

And they did. As well as some handmade gifts, made of LEGO - of course.

James' LEGO gift consisted of a wee bag each of LEGO bricks and some hand drawn instructions. When we had assembled our piece we were then to stick them together and they made a love-heart.

Our Valentine's Dinner was:

Smoked Salmon Pate with Pumpkin Seed Toast & Rocket

Salmon En-Croute with new potatoes and asparagus
(I know, I know, two salmon courses. 
I agonised over whether I should or not but my hubs loves the salmon pate and I wanted to try something quite different from our usual for the main course. When I asked my beloved if he thought it was too much salmon he said he wouldn't even have thought about it if I hadn't mentioned it!)

Berry Cheesecake

These days James loves making little animations using my phone. On Friday afternoon he and his brothers forbade me to enter his room while they worked on this clip below which was one of our presents.

We have looked online and found a great software package for stop-start animation using your webcam. We downloaded the trial version and already James has a good grasp of how it works. The actual software contains amazing sound effects as well as the option to add your own music and voice. 

James' next project is to make a short animation for the local Mod (Gaelic Arts Competition). He is planning to do the story of King Arthur - in Gaelic! I can't wait to share some of what he has been creating with this software. They are quite impressive and I'm sure it's not just me as his proud mum that will think so!


  1. I adore the lego creation! The boys are so clever! And their little video they made you is amazing! The salmon looks delicious and oh my, does that berry cheesecake look divine!!!!

    Happy Valentine's Day Kirsteen!

  2. Oh my goodness, the video was hilarious! And the dinner looked great! Glad you had a nice day, Kirsteen.

  3. Very cool! My son Jack recently did a similar project. Both boys have made incredible projects!


  4. Oops...I forgot to add Valentine's wishes from our house to yours!

    Bridget and the Clan

  5. So loved watching this video Kirsteen,
    Zane pointed out the legos and laughed. Also your V-Day Dinner looks amazing along with your yummy cheese cake!!

    Happy Valentine's Dear Friend,
    ~ Marie


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