Monday, 18 March 2013

Brave Little Soldier

It's been a tough couple of weeks for my littlest man.

While we have never yet had a day, or night, free from his eczema, he has had a particularly bad flare up over the last fortnight.

I suspect that it kicked off when we had the sore throat/achy bones/high temperature/flu type bug in the house. David (7) and I suffered with it the worst, spending three days doing nothing but lying on the sofa. Although Alasdair(3) didn't complain of any of the symptoms of the bug, it was around the same time that his skin flared up. I'm pretty sure he did have some version of the bug and when his immune system was down his skin took the toll.

This has always been something of a pattern in the past with all of the boys who have eczema. Whenever they are under the weather then their skin shows how it's feeling too!

Anyway, back to brave little Alasdair.

His sore patches got bigger, his skin was sore from top to toe, literally.

He had big patches of weeping skin in his hair, which then crusted over and were sore to touch. I've been putting coconut oil on them the last few days which has really helped soften the big lumps. The trouble is that it leaves his hair looking greasy as well as the fact that his hair is now full of yellow flakes! I feel compelled to tell everyone when we are out that I am not a negligent mother and I do wash him! Thankfully, in one sense, it's still snowing here and when we do venture out he keeps his hat on!


I was trying to hold off getting antibiotics for him and see if it would settle down with just the creams and ointments, of which he has many, but decided today that it just wasn't working. He was just so miserable, poor little man.


Look at his little ears.



And his beautiful face.

Those sore patches around his mouth have really been bothering him the last few days. They are better, and smaller in this photo than they had been! It's been sore for him too eat as it hurts those bits when he opens his mouth too far. Several times he came over to me the last few days, wanting to sit on my knee, saying, 'gort, gort' (sore, sore in Gaelic). He has been good at asking for his creams when his hands start to bother him, or to put on his face.

Today he started his course of antibiotics, so hopefully in the next 24 - 48 hours we should see a big improvement and see some of his little sparkle come back!

Like I've probably said 100 times on here before, don't let anyone tell you eczema is just a bit of dry skin!



  1. Oh my goodness, that looks so painful. I hope and pray that the anitbiotics clear it up for him.

  2. Oh, the poor little guy... he hurts my heart. He is so precious. I can imagine how miserable he must be feeling. I am praying for him too.

    Love and Blessing,

  3. I'm convinced that it's not just a bit of dry skin! The poor wee man. Thanking the Lord for antibiotics and praying He uses them to bring some relief - for you all. Arlene x

  4. I'm convinced it's not just a bit of dry skin! The poor wee man. Thanking the Lord for antibiotics and praying He uses them to bring some relief - for you all. Love, Arlene x

  5. I heard of you through a friend and am so sorry for your little one and you. I could never have imagined how difficult eczema could be. It just goes against your nature as a mother to have to watch your little one uncomfortable and itchy all the time. My wee boy (Hugh) has had eczema since a few months old made worse by food allergies and dust mite allergy. He is 6 now and there has been a big improvement in the last year or so I'm thankful to say. I put this partly down to cutting out tomato and many food additives from his diet though I think he maybe starting to grow out of it too. Most days now he can manage with just his 50:50 ointment and gloves to bed. A new strong antihistimane at bedtime seems to have helped a lot as he always used to pull the gloves off and now they are sometimes still on in the morning! So many people said over the years, "I'm sure he'll grow out of it" and I didn't really believe it but I am starting to hope so now - Hope this is an encouragement to you. Your little boy looks so sore just now, the wee pet, I hope the antibiotics make a big difference soon.
    Every blessing,

  6. Oh, Kirsteen,
    I am sorry for his discomfort! It looks so painful! He is definately a brave young man! We are praying for him too!..and for you!

  7. Poor wee darling - hope he improves quickly.

  8. Poor baby! Praying for him...he is certainly a brave little soldier!

  9. Oh poor wee guy - what a trooper - I hope that the antibiotics really kick in quickly and make a difference xx

  10. Hello, I am so sorry he looks like he is very uncomfortable!!
    I know you have heard all kinds of remedies over the years, but my grandson has had this also. And we were told by a specialist to add clorox bleach to his bath water.
    We did this every other bath about 2oz. He would clear up! We also noticed in the summer when he swam in the pool it completly healed up. Also they use a Cetaphil lotion on him. It feels so sad to have your little man so uncomfortable.
    Hoping he heals quickly.
    Blessings, Roxy


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