Monday, 11 March 2013

Any sign of Spring yet?

Well, not here anyway.


Heavy snow from Sunday night right through until late afternoon today has meant that any thoughts of Spring making an appearance are kept firmly at bay.




Not everyone is desperate for Spring to arrive though and the boys were all keen to make the most of what may (or may not) be the last snow of the season.
James (13) was very good at clearing the driveway and digging the car out.


Alasdair (3) was happy to stomp about in the snow. He looked out this morning and said, 'the snow is strong today.'


While Calum (10) and David (7) were determined to roll around in it as much as possible!






I don't actually mind this sort of weather though. Lots of nice snow is much better than cold, grey rain! Having said that, I hope Spring doesn't stay away too much longer!


  1. Wow - it isn't exactly warm enough to be called "spring" here yet, but we certainly don't have snow! :) I love wee Alasdair's quote ~ Littles have such a fun way of looking at things!

  2. The snow is very pretty! I especially like the snowy cave/hole that Calum and David are sitting in!

  3. I'm agreeing with you; I am long for spring. We have had snow (but not as much... we really could use more), I am even getting ready to post some snow pictures. I look forward to sunshine and being outside again. They boys are so cute, and little Alasdair's observation about "strong snow" is so dear. I completely understand what he means.


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