Monday, 4 March 2013

Craft Night

Last week we finally had a run of a few bright and sunny days and it really began to feel like Spring was tantalisingly close.

The mornings were so lovely that I would throw open the windows of the house to get some fresh air in and blow away the cobwebs (not literally!), only to find myself running around closing them about an hour later when I realised that bright sunshine does not equal warmth. Not in February in Scotland anyway!

The trouble with these bright days though, especially after a winter as long and dark as the one we have had, is that you see how filthy your windows have become over the dull months. Not anymore though, as last week I gave them all a really thorough spring clean. We have a window cleaner comes once a month to do the outsides but somehow David (7), the football mad one, had managed to get a muddy football print on nearly every window, including the upstairs ones! I couldn't let that spoil my hard work on the insides and so by opening them as far as possible was able to stretch to cleaning off the football marks.

The window cleaning then sparked off some major spring cleaning of wardrobes and cupboards, which ended up being rather major, hence no time for blogging last week, but it feels good to have it all sorted.


After such a busy week it was great to take time out on Friday night at our first ever Craft Night at church. It was quite a luxury to have a couple of hours uninterrupted crochet time!

We were teased a little bit by our men folk when they saw the large number of cakes we had brought along!
There was some knitting, cross stitch and crochet.
This is my current work in progress, a sort of shell stitch shawl.
There was also some sewing and some card making.
By complete coincidence we had a bit of a purple theme going on with our crafts!

Everyone there agreed what a lovely evening it was and the plan is to hold our wee group once a month. We're hoping to have some nights where everyone learns a new craft and others where we just do as last week and bring along our current WIPs.

I'm hoping to see how many I can convert to my love of crochet!

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  1. The purple shawl you are making looks beautiful!
    We also enjoyed some springlike weather...and did the exact same thing...opened the windows and froze! Wish I had done the cleaning you did, but my sister was in the states (she is a missionary in France) and we were too busy playing! But I will say, I was inspired to get to the cleaning....perhaps.... soon.
    Have a great day, Kirsteen.


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