Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Thank you...

Thank you everyone for your kind comments, concern and prayers about Alasdair's current battle with his eczema. It really means a lot to me, and our family, to have so many lovely friends across the world!


I'm pleased to say that Alasdair has been taking his yucky medicine like a trooper, 4 times a day, and is showing some improvement. I showed him the post from Monday night today and he wanted me to take another photo of him today to see how it compared!



Although the sore bits are still there, they are no longer weeping and he hasn't been complaining of them as much when he eats either.


He also wanted to show everyone his hands...

...which were due a dose of moisturiser at the time, and he was very concerned that his toothbrush should be in the photo too :0)


And his sore little ears? They are getting there slowly too.



He was feeling so much brighter yesterday that he ventured outside to the play outside in the snow with his brothers, although he didn't last too long as it was quite windy too and the wind chill really was quite bitter. Not ideal for his little face but he didn't complain.


We had another fresh dumping of snow on Monday night and it continued to fall all day Tuesday. There is yet more forecast for the end of the week!

Hard to believe that this time last year was the start of an unseasonably warm week, with temperatures of around 21C. Yesterday didn't even get anywhere near above 0C! I was just re-reading this post from last year and longing for a little bit of that warmth to return soon!



  1. Glad to hear he is on the mend. He is such a sweetie! (Maybe he won't like me to say that!)

    I just came from reading Anne's blog and was remembering your adventure w/ the coast guard...I was thinking about it as I read and then saw you had left a comment!

    Will continue to pray for Alasdair! BTW, green and yellow are great colors for a toothbrush!

    Hope you have a great day!

  2. So glad to see him looking better. He is a very brave (and very cute!) little boy.

  3. He is so dear. He always touches my heart like my own little grandsons. I love that he wanted to do the comparison photos. He is looking a little better to be sure. I have been praying for him. Tell him hello from all of us here in Colorado. Tell him Shorty had a look at his pictures and wagged her tail. We have warmed up and have had no snow since I last posted a picture of it. Yours looks beautiful; I have such mixed emotions about the snow, because I know we need more, but I am so happy the sun is shining (we even heard the Meadow Lark yesterday and went on a little picnic today (we are pushing our way into spring lol; we just long to be out). Ha a great week.
    Love and Blessings,

  4. Hi Kirsteen, I was just reading another blog, and she was talking about eczema, and she posted a link to a website that looks really good; I am have been reading it a little. I thought I would try to implement what she was saying about detergent (I am far from being ready to take a good look at all my cleaning products, but I want to pursue it as I have the strength and time and see if it helps). I thought I would send you the web address; maybe it will be something helpful. Or it may be something you have already looked at, and may not anything new to you, but I thought just in case you might find it helpful, I would give it to you. I have been hearing bits and pieces about detergent being a problem, but had not read extensively on it. I am not sure if I have figured out how to link something on a comment bar, so if this isn't linked, you may have to just type the address in.


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