Friday, 29 March 2013

Things I'm Loving - Easter Holidays

Our Easter holidays kicked off with a couple of days at granny & grandad's house, where we helped them celebrate their 47th wedding anniversary (as seen in the post below).
Whilst staying with them we were looking for a day trip to do that we hadn't done before. We decided to go and visit Scotland's national football stadium, Hampden. This was something grandad had never done before either and so he was just as keen as the boys!


How about some Scottish Football Trivia?
This here is the Scottish Cup, the oldest football trophy in the world!
It spends the year on display in the football museum and only comes out on the day of the Scottish Cup Final at the end of May. The team who win the final are presented with the trophy but once the presentations are done the cup goes back under lock and key, and the winning team are given a replica trophy to take back to their own stadium.




At the stadium we wandered around the football museum...






....before going on a guided tour of the stadium.


The boys learned where the term 'an early bath' came from and saw which was the early bath...



We saw the home and away dressing rooms...


...and the indoor warm-up area. The highlight here was the chance to take a penalty shot against a machine that recorded the speed of your shot.
David (7) was especially chuffed to be able to say he had scored a penalty at Hampden. Plus, he recorded a faster shot than any of his brothers!


The biggest highlight of the day though, especially for David and Calum, was the chance to walk out the tunnel that the players go out of and onto the pitch side.
They had worn their Scotland tops especially!




It was a really good place to visit, although I guess if you're not a football fan then perhaps less so. I only wish that our current Scotland football team weren't playing quite so dreadfully as they are just now. Not like the glory days when I was growing up! Well, not quite glory days, but at least we used to qualify for some major championships!
Anyway, I digress!
Another fun trip we took with granny and grandad was to Glasgow's Kelvingrove Art Galleries & Museum. I hadn't been here since I was at primary school!


My favourite displays in the museum were the Charles Rennie MacIntosh ones.






After a few days with granny and grandad we headed north to our next holiday destination - staying in the house of friends of ours. It was a beautiful drive north and, despite the continued snowfalls, the main roads were thankfully all clear.


Hoping everyone has a happy and blessed Easter weekend, whatever you have planned. Oh, and if you are in the UK, don't forget to change your clocks this weekend too :0)



  1. Looks wonderful. Happy Easter to you all.

  2. It's so cool that you got to go Hampden Park - wow! And our clocks go back next weekend too - it'll make it easier to make our calls to the UK for the next six months!

  3. Looks like a memorable day indeed. x

  4. Looks like a lovely holiday! Where do you in-laws live?
    We had a nice Easter as well...will hopefully get something posted soon!

    1. My in-laws live on the outskirts of Glasgow, Scotland's largest city. It's on the west coast of the country. Neither of them are from there though, it's just where they ended up retiring to!


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