Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - Children's Valentine's Crafts

Continuing with yesterday's theme, today the boys were busy helping me make a few things for Valentine's Day.

More printables!

These are the cards the boys made for daddy.

James' has a pop-out string of love hearts. You can download it here.
David loves all things Toy Story. His picture is downloadable here.
Calum is a good little colourer so he chose the elephants card, available here.

David is the only boy to have made a card for a girl too, for his best friend.

We printed out these cup-cake wrappers and cut them out.

Download here.

Then we printed put these little sweetie boxes and cut them out.

Download them here.

We also printed out this sweetie box.

Download here.

I'm not sure what sweeties we will put inside these boxes yet. 

Lastly we printed out these flowers.

Download here.

We still need to cut out a few more of them to make a bunch, and stick them all to straws to make the stalks.

And that's us so far.

New printer well and truly tested :0)

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  1. These downloads are amazing! I may end up doing some! I love the little boxes! The boys cards are really cute! I need to do one from Winston to his daddy. Thanks for sharing!!


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