Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - Baby Crochet

There have been quite a few babies born lately so I have been working on some baby crafts.

♥ My youngest and oldest babies ♥ (my middle two were already alseep!) ♥


  1. How fun Kirsteen, Can't wait to see them finished :)

    I have to say that your boys are so cute and so hansom. Can't get over your family. Little Alasdair is too cute for words.

    In Christ,
    ~ Marie

  2. Hi Kirsteen,
    fantastic job on your blog, a reflection of what you are doing in your house!
    Although I do not write comments I love to come here and read of what you have being up to.

    Every blessing to you and yours.

  3. Love the baby projects! Especially the little booties with the Tartan ribbon!! SOOO CUTE!


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