Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Calling all crocheters...

The Good Morning Girls team have set a challenge for all the groups taking part. The challenge came about as a result of what we were reading in James (especially James 1:22-27 & James 2:20) about true faith showing itself through our actions.

The challenge is to think of a way our group can help out The Mercy House, a project being set up in Kenya by a friend of one of the GMG team. For the full background you can read here, but in short, it is being set up to provide care, practical help and support for young street girls in Kenya who are pregnant and would otherwise be forced into having back-street abortions.

There are different ways to help out.
♥ You can buy from their fundraising etsy store, (at the moment it looks like they only ship to the US, but we have contacted them and asked if they would look into overseas shipping costs, as I'd like one of the t-shirts!)

♥ You can send things in for their monthly collection drives (lists of wanted items are on the site)

♥ Our group has decided, and here is where the post title comes in, that since a few of us love our crafts we would crochet some baby blankets and send them in. Or knit. Or sew.

I've found some lovely free baby blanket crochet patterns online and can't wait to get started.

I'd love to get more people involved too, so if anyone out there would like to help then please let me know. I have a really strong desire to get this going and to keep it going too. The more we have on board the more we can help!


  1. I would love to help. Let me think about it and decide if I can keep the commitment... I do really love the idea. I'll read up a little more, but I will get back with you.
    Much Love, Pam

  2. Oh such a great thing to be doing! I can't commit right now, but I would love to in the near future!

  3. Thanks Pam & Elizabeth ♥ It's no great commitment really. I'm just looking for a little blanket here and there - not people to sign up and make loads!

    Do keep it in mind when you have a spare moment (I know they are few and far between!)


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