Saturday, 5 February 2011

Please pray for the family of a friend of a friend...

In our Scottish church circles it seems that everyone is either related, knows someone who is related to you or knows someone who knows you.

One of my good friends  told me yesterday she had had some very sad news about a friend, and kind of relation of hers.

My friend's sister's husband's sister was taken into hospital on Thursday to have her fifth child and tragically died in child-birth. The baby survived. Her oldest child is the same age as my oldest, 11.

It's hard to know what to say really. This sort of thing is, thankfully, so rare in our country nowadays, that it is a real shock when it does.

Please remember this family, who are a Christian family, in prayer as they struggle to understand this providence. ♥



  1. Just posted on this myself too. My heart is just sore for them. No words.....
    Oh the poor children.... who can go into that - waiting with such excitement for a new brother, just for it all to turn to this tragedy. Unimaginable.

  2. This is so so sad Kirsteen, as Anne stated those poor children and daddy, I can't express the sorrow I feel for them. They will certainly be in my prayers . Thanks for letting us know.


  3. So sad Kirsteen! I am so glad that she is a believer and with our Heavenly Father. I will indeed be lifting up this family in prayer.

    Much love to you,


  4. Though I don't know this family, this will be on my mind and heart all day. I will be sure to pray for them- so sad.

  5. Oh, my. Please know that I will have my family praying.


    Bridget in Minnesota


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