Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - Crochet Beret

This hat crocheted up really quickly because of the holes in it. It took me two evenings.

When I was working on it Calum asked me what I was making. I told him it was a hat. His reply was, 'but it's full of holes!'

Yes, dear, thank you, but the holes are part of the pattern.

I also learned a new stitch, a front post double crochet and a back post double crochet. These give the kind of rib round the brim of that hat that you can see better in the darker picture.

Now I can get started on the baby blankets I mentioned in yesterday's post!


  1. You did a very nice job on the crochet hat. I love the color!

  2. Calum's comment is so funny; he's very practical! :)

    I think the hat looks terrific!

  3. Beautiful hat! I am sure it looks even more beautiful on your dark hair!

  4. I love the hat. I just started crocheting a baby sweater (my first non-blanket item... well, I did do a little lion while at Marie's I would like to post on). It has that stitch you were talking about, and it was new to me too. Am enjoying crocheting it and so far it isn't as hard as I thought it would be. Love all your inspiring projects.
    Much Love,

  5. The beret is beautiful! I just found your blog and look forward to checking in on it! Thank you for the encouragement (just reading thru some of your past posts!)
    God Bless you and your boys!

  6. Since Prince is a Minnesotan and since I thought he was the greatest ever, back in the 80s, I can't help but to think that you crocheted a beautiful "Raspberry Beret"!!!

    Bridget in Minnesota


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