Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Valentine's Plans

I can think of nothing worse than the full commercial version of Valentine's Day. Dinner at a restaurant far too crowded, charging far too much and a bunch of hugely price-inflated roses.

Instead, we tend to go for the homely version. Candle-lit dinner when the boys are in bed and small, inexpensive gifts.

We are going to have our Valentine's Day on Saturday this year, since come Monday my beloved will be back at work up north.

This year I have found some great ideas that I want to share if anyone is looking for some inspiration.

I found this great themed printout set. I love to make cards but may just print out the one included in this set to go with the theme. My husband isn't a fan of breakfast in bed (!) so I'll probably just bring him coffee up and then we can all sit down to our Saturday morning pancakes, although I might make the full Scottish fry-up for him as a wee change.

The 10 things I love about you cards in this set are such a lovely idea. I like the menu card too but will adapt it slightly to suit our menu, which I'm still thinking about. Pudding will probably be Nigella's Fruit Tart from her new book, Kitchen. I always get pudding sorted out first! For main course I might make Salmon En-Croute, something a little bit different from usual but not needing hours in the kitchen to prepare (ready-made puff pastry!)

As part of my gift I'm going to make up these printable coupons from the same website.

And I might even print out this banner as a decoration.

Can you tell we have a new printer that I am desperate to try out? :0)

There are so many nice printable freebies on this site it is difficult to know where to stop! (we also have the Compliments poster on our noticeboard too!)

When I was searching online for a little gift I came across these lovely mugs on the Dayspring website.

Mr. & Mrs. - Love Collection Set

The mugs have this lovely text inside them.

I thought this little set would be perfect until I read the small-print about shipping and it said shipping to the UK could take up to 8 weeks!

 It will be nearly Easter by then!

 I did search for a UK supplier but with no joy. I might, however, go ahead and order them then keep them hidden for our anniversary in the summer.

So, that's my plans so far. I'd love to hear what everyone else has got planned too.

Gaelic word of the day:
(hmmm, this is a tricky one to write phoenetically. It's like a long small i sound in the middle,
but I can't think of any similar sound other than all the ao sounds in Gaelic!)
It means love ♥


  1. We haven't got any Valentine's plans. I am fortunate to have a fantastic husband, who is being quite clever this year.

    This past August, we celebrated our 24th anniversary. One of my gifts was the first of a year's worth of monthly clues toward our 25th anniversary gift. He knows I love medallion-hunting and mysteries, but he's got me utterly confused, so far, with my compilation of clues!

    Thank you for my very own pronunciation lesson regarding Cuilean. I had planned to guess Killian and I now know that I am a poor guesser!

    Have a great day. Tomorrow, my fourth baby will be a teenager!


  2. So cute! My plans are a date with the gas & air cylinder - baby will be here on (or by) Monday!! Hope you have a lovely evening x

  3. You always FILL me with so much inspiration Kirsteen! I love your plans and you really helped me put mine together. My plans sorta fell through so now I have to figure something else out. I loved LOVED the coffee mugs especially the verse inside. Thanks so much for sharing!


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