Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Recipe of the Week

One of our family traditions is that every Saturday and Sunday morning we have pancakes for breakfast. Like so many traditions, I don't actually remember when or why this started, but I do know it has been for a good few years.

When my granny (my dad's mother) passed away about 7 years ago, I inherited her griddle. It really is the best thing ever for making pancakes and scones on, so much better than a frying pan. I love the fact that it has so much history and to think how many scones/oatcakes/barley bread etc must have been cooked on it over the decades. I had to include a shot of it here:

Wheat & Dairy Free Breakfast Pancakes

9oz wheat free self raising flour
1oz sugar
1tsp cream of tartar
300ml oat milk (soya milk is fine too but has a slightly stronger flavour)
2 eggs
1tbsp oil

-Before you begin the mixture, put your pan on to heat up. Wipe over with some oil if it isn't non stick.
-Measure the milk into a large bowl or batter jug (I LOVE my Pampered Chef Batter Jug)
-Add the eggs and beat together then add the oil.
-Add all the dry ingredients and beat well with a whisk until you have a smooth batter.
-Once your pan is really hot, pour dollops of the mixture onto the pan.
-When bubbles appear, turn them round to cook the other side.

In the summer we usually serve the pancakes with lots of fresh berries and lashings of pancake syrup.
When the berries are out of season and the weather is colder we tend to have them with bacon and scrambled eggs.
To finish with, here I am tucking into my pancakes, complete with my mug of tea and my favourite little tea cosy!


  1. mmmmmm...pancakes!! How lovely!! And how special having your granny's griddle, I'm sure you can't get them like that anymore either.

  2. O my goodness! I love the griddle! And I am very interested to taste scones cooked on it! You must post about the scones sometime! The pancakes look delicious! :D

  3. Eggs are dairy?

  4. Dairy is anything that is derived from cow's milk - butter, cheese, yogurt, rennet etc.

    While eggs aren't dairy, they do cause allergic reactions in some people too.


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