Thursday, 8 July 2010

Berry Picking

Today seemed like as good a day as any for our annual visit to the local fruit picking farm. It was dry and warm without being too hot and the forecast is for rain for the next few days.

As we headed off I could tell that I had more enthusiasm for this than the boys did, except my littlest man, who is happy to be anywhere as long as I am there too!

But, once we arrived, they headed off into the strawberry fields full of excitement.

We followed on into the redcurrant bushes. David (4) was at just the right height to find all the lower down berries that others missed.

Another wee foray into the strawberries. Little man sat on the ground emptying all the strawberries onto the ground one by one and the filling the punnets with straw.

After all the work was done the boys got to run around in the playpark for a while. David had been desperate to climb onto the tractor since we arrived.

Here is all the fruit we picked today. The raspberries weren't ready for picking yet so we'll need to go back in a couple of weeks time for them. Raspberry jam is my favourite, although Strawberry is a close second.

As I write I have a vat of Strawberry jam cooling slightly, before going into jars. I'm going to make a wee batch of blackcurrant jam tomorrow. I think I might use the redcurrants to make a redcurrant and red onion relish. As for the goosberries....? I've never picked them before. I only picked them today because as we passed them there was no-one there so I felt a bit sorry for them! They were laden with fruit but since I have no idea what to try with them I stopped at the one punnet. Any suggestions will be most gratefully received!


  1. Trying hard not to be *jealous*!!!!

    We've once been to a fruit farm, and the strawberries were the best we had ever tasted.... would love to live near a fruit farm!! Looks like fun times.

    Dawn xx

  2. Gooseberry jam?
    Never had it before, but I'm sure I've heard of it.

  3. Oh what fun!!! All your berries look gorgeous! I have never tried Gooseberry jam either, but I have heard of it. You must tell us what you end up doing with the Gooseberries :)

    Your boys are so cute. What a fun fun day :)

    God bless


  4. Aww man, I would love to be able to pick fruit like that. They look delicious. For about half a second I almost wished I was on the mainland. Don't worry, the feeling soon passed! But I would like the fruit farms....
    Love, Anne x


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