Monday, 19 July 2010


Having children of the same gender has saved me sooo much money on clothes (and toys). At the weekend I went up to the loft and got down the next bag of clothes for my littlest man. We had a lot of fun looking through all the 'new' outfits and remembering the other boys wearing them.

There is only one tiny problem. Not so much a problem but an amusement. My older three boys were all born in the winter, and so were all turning 1 either just before or after Christmas. Little man was born in the summer, has just turned 1, and tonight is asleep wearing jammies covered in red-nosed reindeers and snowflakes!

He does look very cute in them though, and is small enough not to mind! I did try to get his picture in them but he kept crawling towards me too fast to grab the camera so maybe he does!

Now, if only this 'unseasonal' rain would go away and I could get my boys back outside to play again tomorrow.

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