Friday, 8 April 2011

'Hi, this is the school calling.......'

Uh- oh, not what you want to hear at lunchtime!

But I did, yesterday at about 1.30pm.

'..............Calum's fallen off the climbing frame and hurt his hand. Do you want us to take him to A&E at the Sick Children's hospital and you can meet us there?'

Um. What else was there to say really? 


Alasdair and I got in the car and drove to the hospital, where we met our brave wee Calum.

He had landed on his hand but it was his finger that really bothered him. His right index finger was purple, swollen and he couldn't feel the top third of it. 

The doctor took one look at it, and sent him for an x-ray.

This was very exciting for Alasdair!

The x-ray showed that he had broken his index finger. He had been so brave, that despite the swelling and colour I was still surprised it was broken.

Because of the awkward place where the break is, he has been put in a plaster cast from the tips of his fingers to almost his elbow!

For 10 days.

Just in time for the school holidays.

We are off on holiday for a week tomorrow to a cottage in a place called Lairg, up near the very north of Scotland. It is a really beautiful part of the country. Lots of forests and rolling hills. 

We have been to the same cottage twice before and love it so much we keep going back. This time my brother, his wife and 3 boys are coming too so it's even more exciting! The cottage is nice and big.

I'll be back next Saturday, so until then.........



  1. Poor Calum. Hope he's better soon. Have a wonderful holiday - sounds fantastic.

  2. O dear, poor Calum! I hope he's not too disappointed about his cast for the holiday!
    Have a lovely time at the cottage with your family!

  3. Poor thing! Hope he feels better soon and gets to enjoy the vacation.

  4. Poor brave callum! And just in time for your vacation... Oh will, I'm sure he'll get lots of attention. :-D Enjoy your holiday, take lots of pictures! It sounds amazing!

  5. Hi Kirsten thanks for visiting my blog, I'm now following you. Where abouts in Scotland do you hail from? I live near Falkirk. Hope your wee boy feels better soon! X

  6. Oh, so sad. Poor little guy. That holiday sounds like such fun. Love to think of it. How grand that your brother and family are going also.

  7. Oh no Poor Callum, and what a bummer right before his vacation. I do hope he has fun this week away. I am hoping you will post some pictures of your time away, I would love to see the cottage! Sounds so beautiful!

    ~ Marie

  8. Have a wonderful vacation! And no more accidents involving boys falling, OK? ;-)

    I hope Calum's recovery goes well for him!

  9. Have a great time! Hope your little guys hand feels better fast!

  10. I hope Calum is feeling better! Yes phone calls like that are no fun!

    I am so delighted about your get-away! I hope you take LOADS of pictures for my hungry eyes to eat up! :)

    Happy Holiday!!

  11. Oh no, poor thing. I hope that he feels better!
    I know, how about a cake pop for him? I added the video tutorial to this morning's post, so you don't have to click the links, but get it right on the post, go check it out Kirsteen. It's so easy!
    Thank you for stopping by and liking the pops, you'll like the video better.


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