Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Local Mòd

It seems like I have been talking about this for weeks, but the local Mòd  took place here on Saturday. 

The Mòd is a Gaelic music/arts festival, well competition really. Our local one has competitions for children only, but the National Mòd has competitions for adults as well. The National Mòd takes place in October, in a different place each year. This year it will be in the Western Isles, where I am from. You can read more about the local Mòd here and the National Mòd here if you want.

Our local Mòd competition categories include; solo singing, poetry recitation, story-telling, unseen Bible reading, conversation, solo fiddle playing, solo clarsach playing, solo chanter and pipe playing, choral singing, group instrument playing. There are also written competitions such as poetry and short story and a short film category which are all submitted in advance. Each category is split into age groups to make things fairer.

James and David both entered the solo singing competition. James also entered the chanter, unseen Bible reading and conversation competitions. He had entered a poem, short story and short film in advance.

Calum entered unseen Bible reading, conversation, poem and short story competitions.

The results:

James came 3rd for Bible reading and conversation. He came 2nd for his short story. He was so excited to find out the result of the short film competition (his entry is here for those who haven't seen it yet) but there was some problem with the judge returning from holiday and so we are still waiting for the results of that one!

Calum came 2nd in Bible reading and conversation. He was 1st in his written poem and short story.

Here are the boys wearing their medals when we got home.

A close up of Calum...

........and a close up of James.

Just to add to all the links I already have in this post, if anyone missed an earlier post about our different tartans (and is remotely interested!) it can be found here.

There were a few craft stalls in the cafe area, one of which I had to sell my Gaelic cards. I was really pleased with how many sold as I don't really go to many craft fairs. Just the Mòd and a couple of Christmas fairs really. This was definitely my most successful sale so far.

A good day had by all!

Gaelic word of the day:
seinn (shu-een) - to sing


  1. Oh,Congratulations on such a successful showing/speaking at the Mod! Sounds wonderful! I also loved looking back at the kilt post! The tartans are beautiful!

  2. I was going to ask about the different kilts. Thanks for putting up the link to explain it. Your whole family looked wonderful and you are right, nothing beats a man in a kilt!!

    I was interested to read that your maiden name is MacLeod. I love Dunvegan Castle and would love to visit it one day. I have 2 paintings of the castle in my house and I love them!

  3. Thanks Keri and Wendy.

    Wendy, my maiden name is actually Maciver. Macleod was my mother's maiden name. I have been to the grounds of Dunvegan castle but never been around the inside of it. The price put us off! :0)


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