Saturday, 23 April 2011

Just to round things off.... are a few scenery shots from our travels last week. 

Most of them are taken from a moving car, so please excuse the quality. When you have a car full of excited children, constantly asking 'will we be there soon?', stopping for the sake of taking a photo is a bit too much of a luxury. Especially to snap scenery you have driven through all of your life!

I did however try and grab a few shots when I could for the sake of my bloggy friends, especially those who have never visited Scotland. For my Scottish friends, I'm sure you won't mind seeing them either!

This was on the way out of the tiny village where we were staying.

This is the view standing at the front of my husband's uncle's house. He is an old bachelor and still lives in the house where he and his brothers were born.

Going back towards our cottage.

A similar view to the first one, but a better day and angle.

The next two are also of the same loch but different parts of it.

This is on our way back home, looking south from a place called Kingussie, just south of Inverness. We had actually stopped here briefly to watch a shinty match.

Back on the road south. There is only one road north through the middle of Scotland, the A9, a road we love to hate thanks to the fact that although it is such a busy road it is not all dual carriageway. Parts of it are, parts of it aren't and you always get stuck behind a lorry just as the dual carriageway comes to an end.

Approaching home.

Sweet dreams ♥


  1. Its been a bit of a hectic week around here, so I am a little behind on my blogging. Have been having a great time catching up on your holiday photos. Loved seeing the sights of Scotland and all the family. I especially liked the one of all you taken with the timer. Love the last pic in this post as well... so cute, and thank goodness they do that when it is a long drive, makes it go faster for everyone doesn't it?
    Many Blessings for a wonderful Easter.
    Much Love, Pam

  2. Thanks for the lovely photos of your Scotland! Love getting to travel the roads with you!
    Have a Glorious Easter!
    He is risen!


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