Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - Cards & Corsages

This is a collage of the Gaelic greeting's cards I made last week to sell at the Mod. Some of them are new designs while others are ones I have been making for a while.

I have a website for selling my cards which I am busy updating with the new cards.

I also made up these little crochet flower corsages/brooches which proved quite popular. I'm thinking of getting an Etsy store up and running too, to start selling a few wee crochet creations.

One of these days anyway!


  1. I didn't know you made cards, Kirsteen. They are lovely, as are the gorgeous crocheted brooches. Wow... they really are something... Good for you x

  2. Kirsteen,
    The cards are beautiful (wish I knew gaelic!) and the brooches are as well! What is the website for your cards? I think you should do an etsy shop!

  3. It all looks so pretty! Good job!!

  4. These are lovely. Where do you find the time?!

  5. Beautiful cards and corsages. You'll have to give us the website.

  6. Do you know about folksy kirsteen? If you want a wee shop its pretty cool.


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