Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - Coffee Pot Cosy

After my first proper crochet project, the tea cosy I made way back last summer, my husband has always been asking when I was going to get round to making a coffee cosy for him.

Well, I finally did.

I like the wool as it looks kind of like a tweed fabric once it's crocheted. 

Purple is my favourite colour too.

I am tempted to add a couple of wee flower embellishments to the front, but as it's for my beloved's coffee pot I don't want it to look too girly!

It's still a Work In Progress, as I haven't found any suitable buttons to hold it closed, so at the moment it's held together by safety pins!


  1. Kirsteen! That is so cute! Had you seen one somewhere before? or did you have a pattern? I LOVE the button loops! Nice buttons may do the trick for embellishment!

  2. O, this is adorable! Your husband must be quite proud of his new coffee cosy!

  3. This is so so so cute!! I love the color and I am wishing you could make those flowers for I can picture how cute they would be!! We have a coffee pot like this so maybe some day I will make one too!!

    Much Love
    ~ Marie

  4. That is very cute! I love the colour :o) Great idea having a coffee cosy,
    love Dawn x


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