Friday, 29 April 2011

Things I'm loving Friday ♥


Well, what's not to love about a Royal Wedding?

Today's celebrations have got us indulging in our patriotic side and celebrating being British.

And what better way to celebrate than with cake? :0)

I made red icing for these ones but the lighting wasn't so good last night and it looks a bit pinkish in the photo.

Our new toy box for the trains is equally British!

And we had our very British tea tins out too.

It turned out that all of the boys wanted to watch the wedding with me after all. James loves all history and so wanted to watch it as it will one day be part of our history. 

Calum loved watching all the Royals arriving at the church.

First William.

Then the Queen. 

Alasdair, as you can see, was far more interested in his trains!

And then the beautiful Kate.

Her dress was just perfect. Elegant and timeless and not at all over-the-top.

The boys loved all the horses and pageantry of the parade back to the palace.

David kept asking when they were going to kiss!

Congratulations to them both ♥


  1. Hooray! We just finished watching a recorded version... "Do we really have time to be here for an hour?" Mama asked. "Of course!!" :)
    *sigh* It was so lovely...

  2. And what a lovely couple they are. What fun that your boys joined in. Eddie was curios about the Royal Wedding, and had thought it was last week... saying "The Royal Wedding is today"... well of course it wasn't then, but it is now "today". I thought it was great fun that he even brought it up, because boys don't always seem to show in an interest in those kinds of things.

    Love, as always, catching up with you. I really liked the coffee cozy. Such a nice idea.
    Many Blessings,

  3. I love your cupcakes!! I stayed up last night until 1am in the morning to watch it live in NZ... then showed the children the recorded highlights this morning with a posh morning tea to celebrate. Loved every bit of it - and my boys were enjoying it too (especially the planes).

  4. Your cakes were gorgeous! I love that you took photos of the coverage on TV - I'd planned to do the same, had the camera sitting beside me, and promptly forgot.... I guess I was too engrossed!
    Wasn't she absolutely stunning...

  5. Oh wow! LOVE your cupcakes - they are amazing!

    I found myself taking photos of the screen too!

    It really was such a wonderful wedding. So fabulous to see London awash with flags and happy crowds cheering. A beautiful, elegant, natural wedding on a huge scale done in style. I really wish the happy couple all the very best.

    LOVE your tins and case for the trains too :)

    Visiting from Paisley Jade

    (I'm a British expat living in NZ, so I was up late watching!)

  6. Gorgeous cupcakes. Gorgeous photos.


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