Thursday, 21 April 2011

What else were we up to?

Well, there was fun at the crazy golf. 

Guess who got a hole in one? No, not little man, but his mummy. So did my brother actually, so I can't claim to have been the best!

Having his right arm in plaster didn't stop Calum from taking part in everything.

There was more shelter building. This time the boys and their cousins were building them in the garden of the cottage.

There was a spot of fishing, one-armed..........

....and two-armed.....

......with the excitement of a catch!

James was the only fisherman who had success, but he wasn't too keen to touch the fish! (or gut it!)

Incidentally, last time we went fishing here there was only one person who caught anything...

Yes, I know my jacket wouldn't zip up right, but it was only a month before little Alasdair was born!

The cottage we were staying in was originally a library built by Andrew Carnegie in the 1890s. It was closed as a library in the 70s and converted to a house. The kitchen still has the old library shelves lining one of the walls.

It has a nice big table in the middle, big enough to fit all 11 of us round for meals, although here it is just the boys as the daddy's were out shooting.

The living room was a great size but still really cosy.

At the front gate stands this old street lamp, which I'm assuming would have been the original one with the library. It reminds me of the one from Narnia!

To finish off our holiday we set the timer and took this photo of all of us.

On our journey back home we were passing Culloden battle-field and had promised Calum we would stop in as he had so enjoyed studying the Jacobites, as you all know.

What we didn't realise was that this would turn out to be one of the highlights of the holiday. I'll save the reason why for tomorrow's post, but here is a clue.

Notebooks at the ready for another history lesson!


  1. Kirsteen! This just keeps getting better and better! The cottage is wonderful! - oh the sweet history of it being a library! and the shelves still there in the kitchen!
    Wish I had reason to ask how many it sleeps! but I don't guess we'll have the privilege of looking it up and renting it! Not in the near future any how!
    Looking forward to tomorrow's post!
    Have a great day (or morning...whichever the case may be when you see this post!)

  2. O! It seems like such a fun holiday..I can't believe the cottage used to be a library - that is so cool!! Looks like a blessed, cozy time. Looking forward to tomorrow's post!


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