Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Some random facts.....

Thanks to Sarah Jayne at The Lord's Lass for passing on this award to me and making me rack my brains for the last couple of weeks, trying to think of some suitably interesting random facts! 

The ones I have thought of are all food related. I'm not a fussy eater, I will eat most things, but I think everyone has one or two things they just can't stomach.

1. I don't like mushrooms. In fact I detest mushrooms. The taste, the texture, the smell - eugh! 
My husband loves them.

2. I love olives, both green and black. Plain, stuffed, on pizza, garlic.....
My husband hates them.

3. My automatic food choice would always be sweet.
My husband's would be savoury.

4. I think I have a serious addiction to chocolate. No, really, a serious one!
My husband would gladly not touch the stuff.

5. I really don't like Marmite. Again, the smell is enough...
My husband loves it on toast.

6. When I was expecting our first baby I went off coffee. I haven't liked it since then, and only drink tea. (I do like a nice coffee cake though!)
My husband needs his coffee to get going in the morning.

7. I can't face seafood ie. oysters, squid etc.
Neither can my husband.

There you go.

Chalk and cheese but we compliment each other very well. 

I like to think we are a bit like salt & vinegar or sweet & sour, you can't have one without the other :0)

OK, now I get to pass this on and I'm choosing Anne from Homeschool on the Croft. I'm sure Anne's will be suitably random and amusing, in a good way.


  1. Love your food facts! I don't think I'd like Marmite either...
    I had to look up what it is and can only imagine a canned ham product called Spam....anyhow...
    I tried to come up w/ a quick ditty to the meter of Jack Sprat...but was unsuccessful....I'll let you know if I become poetic...but you did inspire me at any rate!

  2. I'm with you on the mushrooms - I really don't think they were put on the earth to be eaten :o
    I'm NOT with you on the olives!
    But I most definitely AM with the Marmite..... (I mustn't say Yuck for food, but....;)

    And THANK YOU for the award! x

  3. Your list was quite fun to read! :) I'm with you on mostly everything...'cept for I do occasionally take coffee, and I have no clue what Marmite is! :p
    Thanks for joining the fun!

  4. Such fun to read!! Love hearing about the serious chocolate addiction lol!!

    And didto What Sarah Jayne said about not knowing what Marmite is!

    ~ Marie


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