Monday, 4 April 2011

Mother's Day

Being the only girl in a houseful of boys means that on special days you are treated like the only princess in the house, which you are!

On Friday afternoon I was forbidden to enter one of the bedrooms as the boys were busy up there making something.

That something was this little treasure chest for Mother's Day (which in the UK, was celebrated yesterday).

It was made from an empty tea-bag box, covered in fabric scraps and then filled with love-heart sweeties and some promise slips. The sweeties had been collected over the last few weeks. Every Monday the oldest three boys go to Monday Club at church. At the end of Monday Club they get a little bag with a handful of sweeties in it. Often there are love-heart sweeties in there, and for the last few weeks the boys have been keeping back these ones and making a little collection of them for the treasure chest!

I haven't cashed in any of my tokens yet, but I'm looking forward to my '20 minutes peace and quiet' or 'help in the kitchen' or even 'looking after Ally for an hour'!

They also gave me these fridge-magnet flowers that they had made at Monday Club. There was even one with a photo of Alasdair. Since we have an integrated fridge in our kitchen then we can't hang magnets on it so I have them on the bread-maker instead.

Another present was a little collection of Playmobil and Lego (what else?) figures to represent my roles. These are quite funny.

There are, from left to right: a mum, a cook (a medieval one with a rather fetching corset!), a tennis player (no, I'm not sure why she's there either. James said it was because she was sporty like me, but don't believe that for a minute!), an ice-skater ('because you used to ice skate lots when you were younger' - I did), a secret agent (??) and a police lady (perhaps because I spent half my life trying to keep the peace?)

There was also a lovely bunch of flowers and some hand-made cards, breakfast in bed, and Sunday dinner was cooked by the boys and my beloved.

A very special mother's day from some very special boys.

And, finally, Alasdair's skin is sooo much better. I couldn't get a clear shot of his worst hand as he won't keep still for me, but even though it's blurry you can still see the improvement. His body is clearing up nicely too, as is his face. I have only been using steroid cream on his hands so the flare up on his body was obviously down to the infection.

Gaelic word of the day:
màthair (maaa-hair) - mother

Mod results in tomorrow's post. The Mod, for those who were asking, is a Gaelic music/arts competition.


  1. Kirsteen, that is so sweet. I can't get over that they were holding back sweets for some time from their Monday club. That is really precious.

  2. Kirsteen,
    I agree w/ the previous post...saving their treats for you...that is so kind! Their gifts were lovely! Sounds like a beautiful day!

    Glad to see the little hand (and rest of body!) is improving.

    Have a great day after mother's day!

  3. Awe, that box of goodies from your boys is so precious!! Sounds like you had a delightful Mother's Day! Love the play mobile figurines, too cute.

    So sorry about Alasdair's skin flare up. Sending up a prayer for it to get all better, soon!

    Hope you have a lovely day. :)


  4. So cute! And I had a good chuckle about the lego guys again! Too funny! Poor Alasdair. That little chubby hand looks so sore; I can't imagine the other one being worse. Glad he's on the mend.

  5. What a great post kirsteen! Do I say that every time? I'm pretty sure I do ;-)
    Love how thoughtful your boys were to make you a gift, save you candies, and re-purpose their toys! (i think it's a compliment that they chose such adventurous play mobile characters to represent you!)
    So glad alasdair's skin is healing! Praise God for medicine!

  6. Oh it is sooooo nice to catch up on your blog Kirsteen. I am so glad Alasdair's skin is doing better. I so hate it when the babies are sick. He melts my heart!

    And oh what a delightful Mother's Day present you received from your treasures! They are so sweet and thoughtful!

    Again it was so delightful for me to have a little of me-time and enjoy some tea while I read all the posts I have recently missed! Ahh, okay I have some inspiration for my day :)

    Much love friend!


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