Monday, 25 April 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

We've had such beautiful weather for the Easter holidays. Last week there was sunshine every day, and the boys were so chuffed to be able to have lunch outside every day. I have finally been able to let myself believe that spring is here and summer is on it's way.

The sunshine continued today for the last day of their holidays.

It's a funny few weeks at school. They have had the last two weeks off for the Easter holidays. They go back to school tomorrow but are then off again on Friday for the Royal Wedding. Next Monday they are off for the May day holiday and then on the Thursday they are off for the Scottish elections! They then have two full weeks at school before another three day holiday for the late May, Edinburgh bank holidays!! After that it's only 5 weeks until the summer holidays - hooray!

I'm not one of those parents who complains about having their children off school, in case you hadn't noticed!

The great spring weather has meant we could crack on with our gardening chores. 

One of the first jobs we do each spring is clean out the sand-pit. Despite having a lid on it, the winter rains seem to find a way in and this was it before we started.

Here are my two assistants scooping out the water and old sand. 

Once we had washed it out we filled it with water and used it as a water pit for a couple of days until we got down to the shops to buy some more sand.

Now it's all full of nice fresh sand.

I spent a couple of days just digging, digging, digging all the weeds in the garden. The winter came on us so quickly this year that I didn't get to tidy up the autumn weeds so there was a lot to do. It's looking good now. Ready for planting.

As well as digging, I had the hair clippers out one day to give the three youngest boys some well needed haircuts!


This is David with his home made bow and some spears, off to catch some deer (pretend ones, of course!)

And to finish off, here are some snaps of our Easter Sunday.

Egg decorating

Easter lunch in the garden

Hoping everyone had a great Easter weekend ♥


  1. Looks like a lovely weekend to end you Easter vacation! It really does seem that you have quite a few days off in the near future! That's really fun! I'm trying to talk my kiddos into diligently finishing the rest of their school! Since we homeschool, we have some say in how quickly we finish up! I'd LOVE it if they could get some days ahead so that we can start our summer off early!

    Kirsteen, Thanks again for sharing such great information/history for us to learn! We really LOVE it! And getting to see pictures is really fun! Perhaps I should contract you to teach us some history next school year!

  2. What an active bunch you have there! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. God Bless!


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