Saturday, 2 April 2011

Goirts and gee-yachs

It's been a bit of a busy week in our house this week, hence the slight neglecting of the blog the last couple of days.

I was busy making lots of cards to have on my craft stall at the Mod today (more about the Mod next week) and then Alasdair's eczema had a major flare up that quickly became infected. This resulted in even more scratching and even less sleep than usual. Wednesday and Thursday nights he (and I!) hardly slept at all.

He almost always has eczema on his hands, and the last couple of weeks he has had some really nasty looking cracks on them. I think it was through one of these that the infection started. By Wednesday night his hands were really puffy, covered in pus-filled spots, and the cracks were weeping.  His eczema everywhere else escalated too and was beginning to weep.

This was his poor little hand at the start of the infection. It actually got worse than this!

On Thursday I got an emergency appointment at the GP who prescribed a course of antibiotics for him. He really hates the medicine, which he has to have four times a day for seven days, but he is being very good about taking it. I told him it will make his 'goirt nas fhearr' (gorsht na shar) [sore better] and so he will open up and take a spoonful. He always follows this with a 'Gee-yach!' of disgust :0)

When he was smaller he seemed to have an infection every couple of months or so, and this is actually the first time he has needed antibiotics for nearly a year. This is one way to see the improvement in his skin, when at times it really doesn't feel like there has been one at all.

After only 24 hours of the antibiotics the weeping had settled down and the pus-spots had gone right down. He had scratched so much that there is an awful lot of sore-ness and broken skin left, although it isn't bothering him nearly as much. Last night he only woke up twice!

Only four more days of the medicine to go, and counting!

Gaelic word of the day:
goirt (gorsht) - sore
tha làmh agam goirt (ha lav agam gorsht) - my hand is sore


  1. Oh, that looks very painful! I am glad it is on the mend!

    Looking forward to seeing your cards and hearing about the mod (I actually don't know what "the mod" is...a craft fair of sorts?

  2. Oh no it sounds like you had a pretty tough week. So sad about the eczema returning on poor Alasdair. This breaks my heart. We have had a sick week over at our house, it is so hard to be strong when my baby is hurting. You are such a strong mommy. I will keep little Alasdair in my prayers.

    The Lord Bless you all!!
    ~ Marie

  3. I loved the comment you left on my post today ;)

    Ooh, that eczema looks really painful. I hope it clears up soon! XOL

  4. Yuck, I'm sorry, and poor poor baby! We are battling xcema here too, but praise the Lord for steroid creams! I'm login forward to your post about the cards and mod too!

  5. Oh I feel bad for the little guy. Its strange because my son (not so little.. the 28 year old) has had an infection on his hand too this week. I believe he got it the same day. No exzema, but an infection from cracks in his knuckles... swelled up almost just like that. We are still trying to treat it without antibiotics.. but we'll see how it is today, may need to go into the doc.

    Also, looking forward to seeing your cards.


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