Friday, 30 January 2015

15 months old

It seems like every time I have an update on little Fraser I start by saying what a delight he is, but, well, he really is!

He still remains a mostly happy, contented little man.

On these snowy days he loves to be outside with his brothers when he can.

He has been cruising around the furniture since he was about 10 months old and has gradually held on less and less. Within the last couple of weeks he has really gained his confidence with his walking, and has gone from staggering a few steps with arms outstretched like a zombie to waddling back and forth up and down the room carrying things in his hands.

Like shinty sticks, much to his daddy's delight!

At 15 months he has four top front teeth, four bottom front teeth and four molars. In keeping with his lovely nature he didn't grump when cutting his teeth and the first I knew he was getting them was when they broker through!

He has an enviably thick head of soft wavy hair, which I keep saying I need to trim but haven't quite got round to doing yet.
When I was showing James (15) his own baby book the week of his birthday recently we saw the lock of his hair from his first hair cut in it. You would never believe it to see James' dark hair today but when he was Fraser's age it was the exact same shade.

Until about a month ago Fraser wasn't so keen on food with bits in it at all. I wasn't too concerned about it though as Ally (5) and Calum (12) were exactly the same at that age. All of a sudden he went from eating pretty smooth foods to eating exactly what the rest of us were eating.

His food allergies are dairy, wheat, egg, nuts, soya and coconut!
I'm hoping his egg allergy will be the same as the other boys - they can eat egg in cakes/biscuits when cooked but not on its own like boiled/scrambled/poached egg, meringue or touching raw egg - but I haven't been brave enough to try him with cakes containing eggs yet to find out.
At the moment I'm trying to perfect some egg free cakes and one day I will try him with a cake containing egg. But not yet.

He loves to feed himself.

Which sometimes goes well.

And other times gets a bit messy!

One little habit he has is that if he is falling asleep in my arms he likes to hold onto my hair.

He was given this little shirt at Christmas and we think he lives up to what is written on it!

Here is a little clip I took of him last week walking and 'talking'. He is even steadier on his feet this week than he was in the clip but you get the idea!


  1. Too cute...waitress sell a powdered egg substitute, I haven't tried it but a cake maker I know uses it for all her egg free cakes....Google it and see what you think xx

    1. Thanks Nikki I'll have a look. I also have an Orgran (I think that's the name!) one I bought in a health shop recently but haven't tried yet. Maybe it's the same one.

  2. Just passing by! What a lovely blog! You have a beautiful family. I'm from the west west of Ireland with a little 13 mth old and we speak gaeilge, play hurling and football and are traditional too! Will def check back in on little Fraser as my little Cathal will be just a few steps behind! (He also has egg and unfortunately peanut allergy)

    1. Hi Lisa, thanks for popping by and also taking the time to comment! Sounds like we have an awful lot in common!


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