Monday, 26 January 2015

Make it Monday - Crochet Maybelle Square Cushion

Remember the cushion I made my granny for Christmas?

Well, she loved it.
So much so that she said it would be nice if she had two of them!
It's her birthday at the end of January and so I said I would make her another one for her birthday. After all, if you can't get what you ask for when you turn 91 then when can you?!
The cushion starts out with these lovely little Maybelle Flowers - you can get the free pattern here.
Then they are turned into squares and crocheted together. The pattern for the squares is found on My Rose Valley blog.
For the back of the cushion I'm just making v-stitch stripes like I did on the first cushion.


I didn't have any of the pinks left that I used for the first cushion so I've made this one up in some pinkish purples from my yarn stash.


I also have a deadline, which always helps! My mum is down for a week visiting my new baby niece, and so I want to have this finished before she leaves at the end of the week and she can take it back home to my granny.


I'm also itching to get back to my colourful blanket that I shared last week!

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