Monday, 12 January 2015

Christmas & New Year Memories 2014/15

Last week was the week I was going to get back into regular blogging after the holidays but, well, it just didn't quite happen!


Now, before I leave it any later, and as much to keep a record for ourselves to look back on in future years, a wee look back at our Christmas and New Year.


Rather than post a lot of photos here I made up a slideshow using the Flipagram app, which you can see below.


I haven't included everything form the build up to Christmas in the clip. Like the high school Christmas concert at Edinburgh's Usher Hall, where James (14) played in the senior windband. I think their best piece was a marvellous version of Troyka. There was also the sweet nativity play that Alasdair (5) took part in. He had been singing the songs from it around the house for weeks!


My parents and youngest brother came down to spend Christmas with both us and my other brother's family. It was their first time coming down here for Christmas so we were really looking forward to having them with us. We had my husband's family with us for Christmas Day so my mum, dad and brother spent that day with my other brother, sister in law and their boys. Then on Boxing Day we had a second Christmas Day with my parents and brother here. We even left swapping presents with them until they were round and so spread out the excitement over a couple of days.


For Hogmanay we almost always go through to stay with my in laws but this year we were on standby as my brother's wife was expecting their fourth baby on the 29th December and we were on standby to look after their three boys. Instead we had a quiet Hogmanay in the house. We spent the earlier part of the evening making 'Ninjabread' men and decorating a chocolate gingerbread house. Then as the bells approached we switched on the tv to the Gaelic Hogmanay programme. The boys did a little ceilidh dancing along with the ceilidh band on the tv.


One little thing about my slideshow is that although I added the photos in chronological order, somehow the last few got a little mixed up while it was uploading so after the Hogmanay photos there are a few more photos of our Boxing Day Christmas!


Anyway, you get the idea.



Oh, and my brother's new baby arrived, 11 days late, on Friday. A little sister for her three older brothers. The first granddaughter for my mum and dad after 8 grandsons! She weighed in at a very healthy 9lb 14oz and both she and my sister in law are home and doing fine.


  1. The slide show was perfect…loved it with the music. It looked like such lovely holiday season for you all. It was fun to see your nail wraps on you too. Alasdair was such a cute shepherd. The baby is getting big; he reminds me of Alasdair. Have a wonderful New year and a great week. I know exactly what you mean about getting back into blogland… its been hard for me too. Trying to get my momentum going but it is slow.
    Love and Blessings,

  2. What a perfectly adorable family film! I just love this! I see such a resemblance to their Bayble connections - but of course I don't know their Dad's side. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I LOVE the flipagram thingy ;) You have some really nice traditions! Love it!


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