Monday, 19 January 2015

Weekend happenings

This weekend got off to a fun start with a heavy snowfall on Friday afternoon.
I love how the trees out the back of our house look in the snow.


Eskimo baby was desperate to get outside and join his big brothers in the snow.


He just loved sitting in the snow and watching what the boys and their friends were up to.


Not only did they make a snowman (who happens to be a Hearts fan), but also gave him a pet snowdog.








No activity is complete for Mr Selfie without the obligatory selfie!


I love how a snowy day gets everyone out of their hibernating state and spending time back in the outdoors again.


Just before dinner on Friday, David (9) and I walked their friends back home through the fresh snow.

We took the sledge along with us and David made the most of it on the way back down the hill home!



Can you see him in the photo below?


On Saturday morning we had the sledges out again.
This boy giggled, squealed and screamed all the way down every time we went down. His laughter was so contagious!
He always came in the sledge with me and because we had the weight advantage over the other boys, who went down on their own, we went so much faster. Hence the giggling and squealing!
Eskimo baby went in Calum's sledge and wanted to go over and over again.
Back home and warmed up (and aching a little bit from some bumps on the sledge!), it was then time to get working on cake and a special dinner for our oldest boy.
Because this weekend he turned 15!
If you have been following the blog for a while you might remember what he always chooses as his birthday dinner.
That's right. Homemade steak pie, which we had with potatoes roasted in goose fat.


I was quite pleased with how his cake turned out.


A very simple idea but it looks so impressive.


And chocolate cake surrounded by chocolate fingers and covered in M&Ms was a perfect cake for our chocoholic boy!


He let Fraser enjoy the candles with him.








We still have plenty snow in the garden. I can't say the same about the chocolate cake though!


  1. Your snow pictures are beautiful. Its so good to see the kids playing in the snow. That snowdog is great. He is so cute, they did a great job making him. The dinner looks delicious, and that cake is beautiful…saw it on instagram and thought "wow".
    Have a great week.
    Blessings, Pam

  2. He's 15 already?! I love how your boys range in ages :)
    I love the cake! Looks really good!


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