Monday, 5 January 2015

Make it Monday - Handmade Christmas

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year. 

We had a busy time over the last couple of weeks, which included two Christmas days - one on the actual day with my in laws and the other on Boxing Day with my family. But more of that in another post perhaps.

Tonight it's a quick reveal of all those crochet gifts I have been busy making since right back in August, but that I couldn't share until they had been received!

Starting off, in no particular order (although this was the first gift I made), with the cushion I made for my granny.

For my aunt I made a set of little coasters.

My mum and brother's wife both got a Russian doll cushion. The pattern is from Annaboos House.

My husband's sister loves the outdoors and Calum (12) asked if I would make her a chunky cowl similar to the one I made him a couple of months ago. I also made her some matching wrist warmers. I didn't have a pattern for these. The colours are also not as dark as they look here but I was snapping the picture late at night before wrapping them up!

Another lovely Anaaboos house pattern for my mother in law's gift. 

I can't remember if I already shared these but these were the little purses I made for the boys' primary school teachers. Yes, you've guessed it, another Annaboos House pattern! 

I wanted to make the older boys a little something crocheted too, and thought long and hard about what I could make James (14) that was still cool enough for him. Thankfully Pinterest came up trumps and I found this pattern to make baby Groot from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. I wish I could have taken a picture of James' face when he opened it up! It certainly had the desired effect!

For Calum (12) I made this Koala cushion.

And David got a similar penguin one. 

Alasdair (5) has asked for a monkey cushion, and is happy to wait for it. As you can imagine, I didn't have any more time left before Christmas to make anything else!


  1. The gifts are beautiful, Kirsteen! I especially like the Scotty dogs and the coin purses!
    Your work is really lovely!

  2. Love the cushions and the coin purses... however it is all very well done!!! :)

  3. That was a lot of work; and so beautiful. I loved seeing each thing you made. I am sure the recipients loved their gifts. I loved the Russian doll cushions and the Scotty dogs especially; but everything was so cute.


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