Friday, 22 October 2010

My latest crochet creation

Now, I know every time I show off my newest crochet project I say how excited I am with it, and how proud I am, so apologies, but here we go again!

I made this hat up in a couple of nights. First of all I followed a pattern but the resulting hat was far too small for me. It was kind of like a beret, where I was really after more of a beanie style hat.

I unpicked about half of the hat and just made up the rest of it, measuring it on my head every now and then.

And then, ta-da...............

(It's hard to get a photo of me without little man in it!)

You can kind of see the flower on it here a bit clearer. It might show up better in daylight but I was keen to show it off! The black wool also has a little sparkle to it.

The flower is stitched all in one but it's like there are three layers to it.

I'm so proud of it, and very excited (sorry!)

I'm off now to make up a batch of them in different colours for Christmas presents. Any friends reading this, please state your colour preference now, or forever hold your peace :0)

Gaelic word of the day:
ad (as it looks) - hat


  1. Love it, Love it, Love it. It inspires me for sure. It looks really pretty on you besides. I might have to add
    a hat to my list of crochet "want tos". Now that I have begun again, I'm getting a little goofy about it, and don't like to sit without something going on in my hands.
    Love Pam

  2. Oh my goodness Kirsteen,

    SO so pretty!!!! My friend is begging me to make them for her kids, but I am NO WHERE near that talented. I make blankets. :-D
    It's adorable!

  3. Great job, Kirsteen! It looks lovely!! The flower is such a pretty touch. :)

    I've got to get going on my knitting again. I've been keeping myself busy with other things, but I want to try making a scarf. My mom said she would like me to make one for her, but I'm still so new at it. I need practice. :)

  4. Aw wow, love love love it!! Its just lovely!! Well done, I would also be very excited about making something like that. Well done x

  5. Oh MY GOODNESS! Its gorgeous! I would be very excited too! I love the little rose and the sparkle of the yarn! And little man is so precious next to his pretty momma! I hope you post the rest of your creations to come!

  6. Adorable! It makes me want to knit again (I have no idea how to crochet). I just wish I knew how to knit more than just scarves....

  7. Denise, I can't knit, I find crochet much easier - you only worry about one hook, not two big needles! You should give it a try!

    Elizabeth, I'm already working on something else to share.

    Tea, have you tried knitting a scarf with fancy wool? My mum made me one a few years ago. You just use a purl stitch, but the wool makes it look fancier.

    Danielle, hats are not as hard as you might think. You just keep going round and round and round!

    And Pam, I'm the same, I feel kind of guilty if I sit down without it!

    Oh, and Dawn, thanks!


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