Wednesday, 27 October 2010

W.I.P. Wednesday

I saw this on a crochet blog I recently discovered and thought it was a good idea - Work In Progress Wednesday.

As I mentioned yesterday, I have more than one work in progress at the moment, so here are the main ones.

This is a pile of cards, mostly with Christmas texts on them, I printed out last night and now need to embellish.

I am working on a scarf to go with the hat I crocheted last week. I'm not sure what they are technically called, but it's one of those circular scarves, all joined up, that you wrap round your neck twice and then the bitter East coast wind can't blow it off! Nice and cosy.

And let's not forget the boys' costumes. This is Calum's C3PO so far. He is going to wear a brown boiler suit underneath, then we'll stick this over it, with bits on his arms too (the legs are on the right) and we're working on a papier-mache head. 

David's Yoda ears are drying at the top of the picture.

Tomorrow I need to chop the arms off a black top and sew them onto another one for James' General Grievous. And finish Yoda's cloak.

Gaelic word of the day:
trang (as it looks) - busy


  1. Loving your projects - especially the crochet!!

  2. Oh my goodness, now I feel so dumb for goin out and buying my kids' outfits!
    That C3PO is going to be great!!!
    Can't wait to see the end result!

  3. I love the WIP idea. Will it be every Wednesday? Love all your projects. Can't wait to see the cards.
    Love Pam

  4. Great projects! Your hat and scarf will look great together! :)

  5. Wow! This is seriously impressive, Kirsteen.
    Love the scarf.....I can't help you with the 'official' name, but I love these kinda scarves. Lovely
    Love, Anne x

  6. Thanks everyone.

    Danielle, the fancy dress party has a prize for best costume, and shop bought ones just don't do it! Besides, the boys really enjoy helping make them, and three star wars costumes would have cost me a lot more than it has done to make them!

    Pam, I'd love WIP to be every Wednesday, but might be a bit ambitious! Maybe it'll be a continuation of the previous week's project sometimes!

  7. I love WIP Wednesdays! I might have to copy! :D I love the costumes that you are making and the scarf! I am so inspired!

  8. Yes Elizabeth, please do copy. I'd love to see what everyone else is busy creating!

  9. That is so neat, I can't wait to see how they turn out, what an awesome idea. You always have great ideas for the boys:-)


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