Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Wordless Wednesday (kind-of, well not really at all!)

I have been putting the news channel on the tv every hour or so today, to see the amazing rescue of the trapped Chilean miners. 


Every time another one was winched up and reunited with family was just so special.

I miss my husband when he is away working up north for five days. I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like for those people having their loved ones buried alive for 69 days!

The really special thing was seeing so many of them giving thanks to God for keeping them.

Now, after all that, I feel slightly shallow moving onto some party pictures, but I'm sure the first things those miners want to do is return to normal family life, so here we go.

Just a few wee snaps of Calum's party last Friday.

First we had a little bit of Wii Sports Resort

This was followed by a treasure hunt where they each had the instructions to build a wee Lego model. With each clue they found some of the pieces for their own model. At the end they all sat down to build their models.

Then there was Pass the Parcel - 'Let me see, let me see!'

The next Lego challenge was to build a little racer that we would race in the kitchen to see whose was the fastest.

Here they all are lined up at the start of the race. 

In keeping with both the Lego theme and the Star Wars theme from his actual birthday, I made some Lego Star Wars cupcakes. 

At bedtime, Calum & his friend (and David) got to sleep in James' room because he was on a sleepover too, and watched a DVD on the portable DVD player. 
There's little Alasdair at the bottom going in to see what they are all up to!

Oh yes, and don't forget the party bags. An assortment of Lego stuff and Star Wars stuff. 
(The little sticks at the bottom are those snap and glow ones. They are kind of like light sabres when they glow!)

Gaelic word(s) of the day:
co-là-breith (coe-laa-bre) - birthday
co-là-breith sona (coe-laa-bre sona) - happy birthday


  1. I didn't get to watch any of the rescue on tv, but I had been keeping up with the little news stories online throughout the last few weeks, and when I got on today and saw that they were getting them out I was so thankful that God brought this about for them! I can only imagine the relief and grateful hearts of those men and their families.

    It looks like your son had a great birthday filled with lots of fun! You did a great job on the cupcakes too! :)

  2. You inspire me so much Kirsteen. Such a great mother to all your boys! What a grand party! I loved every picture and those cupcakes look delicious! The frosting or cream on the top looks amazing! The picture with all the boys getting ready for bed is so cozy!

  3. I agree, you're a great mommy. Your post just inspired me to have our own treasure hunt, how fun. I keep your family in my prayers for a fast move.


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