Monday, 11 October 2010

Miscellaneous Monday

Firstly, thank you so much to Denise at Light, Liberty and Learning for giving me this award. How exciting!

We've all been fighting a bit of a bug in our house this weekend. First to go down was little Alasdair, who started with a high temperature and miserable night on Wednesday night/Thursday. Well, I suppose David had a nasty cough the week before that was keeping him up through the night, but David being David kept on going and didn't stop! 

Friday afternoon was Calum's wee party and his best friend was here for a sleepover. Like I said before, there was lots of Lego fun! James was also on a sleepover at one of his own friend's.

Saturday afternoon we took Calum and his friend to another friend of their's birthday party. When they came out they were both totally washed out looking and Calum was complaining of a sore head. We picked James up and he too was white as a sheet and feeling unwell. When we got back home James and Calum slept from then until Sunday lunchtime!

They are on the mend now and I've got a bit of a sore throat, ear and head. It's not so bad really. I'm just taking things easy today. Monday is my busy sort the house out day and I've only done about half of my Monday chores but that's all I can face today. There is always the rest of the week to catch up.

 Now, I'm supposed to reveal seven facts about myself before passing the above award on.


(1) Ok, my favourite colour is purple but my favourite colours to wear are black and red, because I think they suit me best.
(2) When I was little my friends all had girl baby dolls but I only wanted a boy one. A sign of things to come, I think!
(3) This month it is 15 years since I fell for my husband and knew he was the man for me. 
(4) Apparently he fell for me the exact same weekend but it took him another 3 months to pluck up the courage to do anything about it!
(5) I love autumn, the way the trees look just now and autumn walks.
(6) I also love winter time, winter walks and coming home to a cosy house. In fact, I love every season at the start of it. I am thankful that we live somewhere with distinct seasons for us to enjoy. Still, I think autumn is my favourite because it promises so much.
(7) I have two brothers (no sisters); three nephews (no nieces); four sons (no daughters). See a pattern here?!

And to pass the award on to some blogs that I love.

These are blogs by ladies who have the same sort of outlook on life that I do!


  1. I hope you feel better soon, Kirsteen. <3

    I love autumn too. It's my favorite, although each season is something special. And thanks so much for passing an award to me! :)

  2. Thanks for the award, how lovely!! :o)

    I like the facts. This month it is 8 years since I fell for my husband and knew he was the man for me, he took another 2 months to do anything about it.

    You're right, every season is exciting at the start of it :o)

  3. I think it is so cute that you wanted to play with boy dolls when you were little... I think the Lord definitely prepared you. So sweet. I have 2 brothers also; no sisters...always wanted one though.

    Thank you for passing on the award.

    Much Love

  4. Kirsteen you are so kind and have blessed me with peace and joy as I get ready for bed

    ! I loved reading some tidbits about you. And what an interesting pattern about all the boys in your family! I love how God intertwines His will and pathways in our lives so intricately. It is so wonderfully exciting!

    Much love dear friend! One day we must have a cup of tea together! Wouldn't that be lovely? :)

  5. Dawn, it's funny how we both fell for our men and then waited patiently for them to do something about it! I remember hearing about your man appearing at the prayer meeting with a girl! There was great excitement! :0)

    Pam, I didn't really think about not having a sister when I was growing up. It was once I got married and had children I thought more about it. I am fortunate that my brother's wife is such a good friend and I would consider her the closest I have to one now.

    Elizabeth, it really would be lovely to share a cup of tea one day. And we would need to have cake too!

  6. Kirsteen, It sure has been awhile and it was so lovely catching up on your blog. I feel so at home here. I am always inspired to be a mom all over again and a wife also when I read what;s going on over at your house of boys.

    Loved reading all your seven facts about yourself. And I agree with my mom, its so sweet that you preferred to play with baby doll boys instead of girls :)

    I also agree with Elizabeth, I want to be apart of the tea party and I want you to bake! You get my mouth watering every recipe you post!!
    Thanks so much for picking me for the award!!

    ~ Marie


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