Monday, 4 October 2010

Miscellaneous Monday

-Birthday boy is now counting down the days until this Friday when his best friend is coming round for their very first sleep-over! He is sooo excited. We were going to have him round this past weekend but we had a dentist appointment in the afternoon. It means his birthday treats are spread out longer! Not only is his best friend coming round but so are his cousins, who are pretty much on a par with being best friends. We are planning an afternoon of Lego, games and cupcakes. I am sure there will also be some Lego games on the Wii, followed, perhaps, by a quiet showing of the new Lego movie, Clutch Powers. Can you see a common thread here?!

-We have more viewers coming to see the house tomorrow lunchtime, so I foresee a morning of frantic cleaning. Everything is tidy just now but I need to wash the floors, hoover round and clean the bathroom. There is absolutely NO point in cleaning the bathroom tonight because, no matter how much you tell them, little boys and bathrooms are NOT a good combination. I shall spare you the details!

-Oh yes, and I finally sat down and started reading my new Nigella book at the weekend. When I have a new cookbook I like to sit with a notebook and note down recipes I want to try, with their page numbers marked down too. Then when I'm done I don't think, 'now what was I going to try from this book?' My notebook is filling up fast!

Gaelic word of the day:
glan (glun) - clean
salach (sal-ach) - dirty


  1. I do the same thing with cookbooks. It makes it so much easier to take those notes, otherwise I get lost in trying to remember what I wanted to try and where to find it.

    I hope your house viewing goes well tomorrow. Will say a prayer that it does.

    It sounds like your birthday boy is going to have some great fun!!

  2. Thank you Tea, I appreciate that :)


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