Sunday, 8 August 2010

The end result(s)

Well here it is, my first proper crochet project!  
(small fanfare and round of applause)
Is that not just the cutest? 

I might try and make a bigger one now. This one only fits a wee teapot.

I have another project in mind first though, and I'll keep you all posted on the progress.

Since we're on the subject of completed projects: the boys' pottery from our weekend in Skye came in the post the other day.

This is the goblet and bowl that James(10) made on the potters wheel.

And again. Didn't he get the shape of the bowl nice and even?

This fellow here is the Shrek piggy bank that David (4) painted.

The sweet boy wanted to make something for me too and so painted this coaster. Purple is my favourite colour.

 And this is the bowl that Calum (7) painted. All of the three oldest boys love Lego but Calum is by far the biggest fan. Note the glasses because he wears them too!

I love how each of the three pottery projects reflect their different personalities so well.

I wonder what the tea cosy reflects about mine?!


  1. I have been eating up your blog every chance I get! You are so delightful. I am Marie, Elizabeth's sister from A Sailing Journey.

    I so loved your crochet Tea Cozy!! And the boy's projects are so sweet.

    ~ Marie

  2. That's a brilliant crochet tea cosy!! Love it!

    The boys designs are cute too, I love the lego bowl :-)

  3. For someone just learning crochet, you have done an awesome job. I have known how to crochet for sometime, but have not accomplished more than a few
    granny square blankets and some scarves and pot holders. I would love to learn how to make that adorable tea cozy. I am Marie and Elizabeth's mom and I am enjoying your blog very much also. Love the boys' pottery.

  4. That tea cosy is lovely. When the world cup was on, I took up my knitting again - it felt not-so-guilty watching the footie if I was doing *something* useful too. I decided to crochet the squares together and was amazed at how it all came back to me.
    They boys' pottery is just lovely - and especially cos you can 'find' each one of them in it.
    Love, Anne x


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