Monday, 30 August 2010

Tomatoes and tunnels

This summer has, even by Scottish standards, been a little disappointing in terms of the weather. June was glorious, hot and sunny for most of the month, with hardly a drop of rain. Then came July. It was, well, hmm, it was OK, I suppose. The boys were able to play outside a lot but it just wasn't really summer weather. Just mediocre, not too hot, not too cold, not too wet, not too sunny.

I'm not sharing this to give everyone a run-down of our weather but to explain my excitement when I saw this last week:

My tomatoes are growing outside, not in a greenhouse, so I had begun to think that maybe the summer hadn't been warm enough for them to turn red. There are loads of green fruits and so I was thinking I might be making a big batch of Green Tomato Chutney and then I saw these little delights! And delightful they are too. Lovely and sweet. My beloved and I had a late dinner together once the boys were in bed on Friday, and to finish off my husband had a cheeseboard with some of these freshly picked tomatoes. He was suitably impressed, though perhaps not quite as excited as I was!

I also tested a few of our potatoes from the planter. (The ones in the ground won't be ready for a couple more weeks.)

Yum, they were delicious!

In previous years I have grown pots of salads, herbs and strawberries but this is my first attempt at bigger veg. I'm hoping there will be plenty more veg photos to share in the coming weeks.

Hubby took the day off work today, to finish off the painting in the hall. We had been planning to paint the hall and living room since January! Just took a while to get round to it. He also picked up some boxes so we can de-clutter a little before the house goes on the market.

When he came in with the boxes he set them up like a tunnel for little man to play in. What a fun time he had crawling through the tunnels to his funny daddy! I took this little clip below to share with you all. He has such a funny little crawl!

Gaelic words for the day:

buntàta (bun-TAA-ta) - potato
tomàto (to-MAA-toe) - tomato


  1. There is nothing like fresh tomatoes from the garden.
    The store variety just do not compare. I did not get my garden planted this year, and feel very sad about it. Your goodies look wonderful. I think fresh vegetables are beautiful....kind of like a piece of art work. Hope your harvest continues to be plentiful.
    Much love,

  2. Your vegetables look great!!! Your little man is so cute! :)


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