Tuesday, 10 August 2010

More sunshine= another beach trip

Today's destination was the village where my dad is from. There is a secluded beach there that not many people know about, so we arranged to meet up with some friends there. I have so many happy memories of playing on this beach as a child when we would spend holidays with my grandparents.

The tide was going out when we arrived which meant we could safely walk around the rocks on the left of this photo above, to the caves.

The boys then all played in the sea, which was actually warm!!! Unbelievable!

This beach also has fresh water springs which are quite amazing. The water is really cold and so pure.

Here you can see James has given up trying to scoop up the water and is lapping it up like a dog instead!

My dad is obviously very biased towards this beach, always claiming it as the best on the island, but he might not be too wrong. It offers so much. The boys spent a while playing on the sands, exploring the caves, in the sea, examining the springs and then fishing in the many rock pools.

Some feisty crabs - wouldn't you be if some giant had stuffed you in a bucket!

These star-fish were much more to my liking!

This tidal pool was soooo warm I just couldn't keep out of it!

Here is one more shot of the beach,

I've been thinking too, that as native Gaelic speakers I'm going to finish each post with a relevant word of the day so for today it is:

crubag (croo-bag) - crab
and to sound really authentic you need to make that oo as long as possible,

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  1. I think there are few things more delightful than a lovely beach and little tide pools full of the most amazing creatures. It looks so nice. That warm tide pool looks very nice also, I can imagine planting myself there.
    Many Blessings,


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