Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A new calling

My house is clean and tidy from top to bottom. Not just any old tidy, not even as tidy as when my mother is coming to stay, but even more so! This is some achievement. I don't like to live in a clutter but nor do I keep my house showhome tidy either. I usually have it in what I like to think of as a welcoming sort of in-between state. One where visitors don't feel nervous about dropping a crumb here or there, but where they won't risk injury falling over a toy, or need to hunt through the clutter for a seat on the sofa.

Keeping the ENTIRE house tidy, though, is something akin to painting the Forth Rail Bridge. I start with one room and by the time the last room is sorted the first one needs redone again! There seems to be some sort of whirlwind follows through the house un-doing my good work.

The reason for todays cleaning mission is that we were having an estate agent round to look at the house (and another tomorrow and another on Wednesday!). My beloved has accepted a new post that will mean us moving north to a new part of the country.

My hubby works for a Christian charity for the homeless. http://www.bethanychristiantrust.com/  Bethany have various levels of care including a Care Van that goes out every night with soup and blankets, a hostel for the homeless, an addiction unit and a team who suppport people once they move into their own flats. Currently hubby manages this last team. At the moment Bethany work mainly in Edinburgh but they are looking to expand north and so his new job is as Northern Development Manager.

The post first came up this time last year and my beloved felt he was really being called to it but with a new baby I really didn't want to move and so he did nothing about it. A year later and despite advertising several times, the post had never been filled. He felt more called than ever to it and so after much prayer we felt it was the right thing for us as a family.

I have lived in this area since I came to university 15 years ago. We also have strong family ties around us here. My brother, his wife and three boys are only a few miles away from us and they were one of the main reasons I wasn't keen to move the first time. My hubby also has his parents reasonably close and his sister is also nearby. I also have a couple of really good friends among the mums at school who I will really miss.

Good friendships, though, last despite the distance, and this is the direction we are being led. Only last night at church the sermon was about being called to do God's work and how you can't say no. It was a very timely and comforting sermon.

We are actually all quite excited about everything now. We are only moving 2 1/2 hours drive up the road. Like my hubby said at first, he could have been called to work in Africa, we aren't going that far away! The boys are all looking forward to the new adventure. They will go to a much smaller school. The city is much smaller. It's famous for long cold winters (my hubby isn't a summer man, I don't think many red-heads are!) It's also famous for butteries. Mmmm I love butteries. It's also where my parents first lived when they married and where I was born!

Now I only need to keep the house like this until we sell it and the adventure can begin!


  1. I know exactly what you are saying keeping the house tidy! I think you and I are very alike when it comes to our preference!

    This is very exciting news about you all moving. I am sad for you and sympathize in leaving your close relatives though.

    You and your husband do honorable wonderful work. I loved reading about it!

    Thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog I literally eat up every word :D

    I will be praying that your house sells quickly and that your house stays tidy! :D

    Much love and God bless,

    ~ Elizabeth

  2. Yes Kirsteen, I ditto what Elizabeth said. We'll be praying for you. Its interesting work that your husband is doing, and we have been involved in similar work here in the States. It takes a great heart of compassion, and is truly the heart of the Lord. Love to compare notes sometime. I'm sure you are very proud of your husband.
    Many blessings,
    Much love,

  3. Kirsteen, I am sad for you leaving your family behind but also excited to see where the Lord takes you all. I pray that your home sells quickly so you don't wear yourself out trying to keep it in spit spot shape. I am so interested to "see" where you will be living.

    I have so enjoyed your blog and I so loved receiving your comments on mine. I was going to tell you that the cake my sister made wasn't coconut but whipped cream with lemon curd. I just saw that Elizabeth posted the recipe on her blog a couple of minutes ago. The cake that you spoke of sounds delicious and I'm thinking you are going to have to share it with us all real soon!!

    Take care
    ~ Marie


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