Tuesday, 10 August 2010

An exciting visitor!

Well, not so much the visitor himself, but what he was driving.

 More later!

We are enjoying the last few days of our island holiday with my family (we go home on Thursday) and the weather seems to have started behaving itself a bit more too. After a dull and dreich start to the day, the sun came out at lunchtime and it was a really lovely day from then on.

When I went out to the washing line I thought the clouds were so pretty I got the camera out.

One of the sights that fills me with domestic bliss is that of a line of freshly laundered nappies drying outside!

But what of this visitor?

After dinner my oldest boys were out playing cricket in the croft with my youngest brother.

Eagle-eyed readers might be able to see them on the left of this photo in the distance.

I took this photo of them to prove it had been a lovely summers evening and then went inside to nurse and settle the baby. Then the boys came running in and said,

'There's a man here...........and he's on a TRACTOR!'

Yes, that's the visitor, the tractor.

The tractor was here to cut some grass in the field at the front of the house. The boys all watched excitedly because they were to get a turn on it when the work was done.

This is little David watching from a distance.

Here Calum gets his turn. (Please note the man in the background fighting against the dreaded midgies!)

Off they go!

Here comes David.
 He wants to be a farmer when he grows up.

James also had a turn, and was big enough to do the pedals himself too

.Not much excites boys as much as a tractor. In fact grown men love them too. I can't say I understand the attraction, but then I suppose they don't get excited by lovely shoes and pretty lipsticks, so that makes us even.

sigh and one of these days I'll get a post done before midnight!

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  1. My guys are the same way. They love those tractors, old trucks, motorcycles and planes. Its so sweet isn't it. The pictures are lovely. What a nice day it looks to be. I love those nappies on the line as well.
    Many Blessings,


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