Tuesday, 30 November 2010

St Andrew's Day

Today is St Andrew's day, and if you worked for local government then you had the day off work yesterday to mark the occasion. Thanks to the snow a whole lot more people had the day off too!

We had our little St Andrew's day dinner on Saturday, since my beloved is away working through the week.

We all put our kilts on, I happen to think that there is nothing more handsome than a man in his kilt, and had haggis , neeps and tatties for dinner.

Here are a few snaps of our evening:

This was Alasdair's first time wearing his kilt. 
See his little kilt socks? They are something of a family heirloom now! When we got married my youngest brother, also Alasdair, was the same age our Alasdair is now. These socks were knitted for him to wear to our wedding!

'Come on, cut them open!'

Yum, yum, yum.
See also my new wine glasses in this photo and the one above. I picked them up in a charity shop on Saturday, £3 for 7. They are so pretty.

Alasdair wasn't too keen to stand still for this one!

Handsome. x5.

My kilt is Macleod tartan (my mother's maiden name), my husband's is Murray (our name). 

To get a child's kilt made up in your own tartan is quite expensive and only the more common names are available 'off the peg' which is why the boys have different tartans. I have tried to get them ones in a similar greenish colour.

James' is Pride of Scotland (or something like that), Calum's is MacKenzie and David & Alasdair's are just some tartan from a fabric shop that I bought and made into kilts when James & Calum were their ages.

All those yards of wool don't do much for a girl's waistline, but I do love my kilt! It reaches almost to the floor and so I wear it with some killer heels. 



  1. Kirsteen!!!!! What a delightfully rich post!!!! I love the boys in their kilts. Yes they are all so hansom! You look stunning! Its so interesting hearing about your family tartan. I long for the day when I can visit you and bask in the strong Scottish history and tradition and hear your accent and the boys. Such a beautiful family, I know, I can't say it enough! :) You all have blessed me so much.

    The new wine glasses are exquisite, especially for the price you got them!

    Again such a grand post!

    Many blessings to you and your family.

  2. Kirsteen - I agree...there is simply NOTHING to beat a man in a kilt. (I have to say that a cowboy might come kinda close, but still - kilt comes out on top!)
    Good for you for making this effort too... they're all lovely x

  3. Looks like a lovely fun night!

    Alan got St Andrews Day off here, it is the only public holiday he has to take on that day (apart from Christmas & New Year). He wore the Murray kilt at our wedding, he really wanted to wear his mum's maiden name. Nice to see it paired up with the Macleod tartan as well, as it's my maiden name.

    The boys are super cute in their kilts!

  4. I love kilts too!! I would love for my husband and son to have one. I didn't realize they we made to reflect your family name?! That is really neat! And I love your kilt as well. I would like to have one of those for myself. :)

    I love coming here and learning little things about your culture, it is really fun and interesting!!

    P.S. Love the wine glasses too!


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