Monday, 29 November 2010

Snowed in 1!

Yesterday morning I was thinking how Saturday's snowfall seemed so tiny compared to what had fallen Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Then this morning THAT snowfall paled into insignificance compared to what fell last night/this morning. And it's STILL falling!

We currently have about 2 feet of snow. It is over the top of my husband's wellies anyway.

Church was called off yesterday morning, as the snow was still falling thickly and the roads hadn't been treated, although it was back on for the evening service. The roads were not great by then either though. 

School was off today, and again tomorrow. Our road was completely impassable for cars today so nobody was at work. It really felt like Christmas!

On top of all the fun the boys have had was the bonus that daddy couldn't leave for his job up north until this evening, so they had an extra day playing with him (although he had to spent the morning shovelling snow with the neighbours!)

I've put together this wee slide-show of the snowy fun for today and yesterday. I put it in a separate post because it was making the text of this post spread too far wide! I haven't included photos of the igloo the boys built with daddy yet, but will  share them later on because the igloo is so impressive.

Although it is not unknown for us to have snow in November, it is unusual for us to have this much, so quickly, so early. 

Scroll down to the next post for the photos!


  1. I loved all the photos in the slideshow! I hope we get some snow soon. We are lucky to get a good snow before Christmas around here anymore. When i was a kid it seemed to snow earlier in the year...

    I can't wait to see the finished igloo! I bet it is awesome! Looks like you all had a lot of fun! :)

  2. Oh wow, it is beautiful. That slide show is wonderful.
    How did you do it? What a happy memory for your kids. They are all so cute. Love the igloo and angel.
    Much Love


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