Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Now, given previous posts, and what I am about to show, I realise that I may be at risk of a reputation as something of a Star Wars geek.

Can I just confirm, that I wouldn't actually choose to watch these movies! Growing up, I really disliked them in fact. It's just that, in providence I have been blessed with four boys, and, well, they happen to love Star Wars. And since I happen to love my boys, and wouldn't change a thing about them, then I am happy to embrace a little bit of life with the Force.

Right, glad we cleared that up.

I must add too, that this current WIP is a surprise for my boys for Christmas. I can only work on it when they are in bed. I will need to watch too that I don't scroll down on the blog when they are in the room in case they see this TOP SECRET photo I'm about to share!

So, here we go.

Cute, he is.

I have the patterns to make 10 little Star Wars figures. I'm not sure if I'll get them all made in time, with all the other projects I have on the go, so I'm starting with their favourites. We can always add the others after.

Technically, my Christmas cake counts as a WIP, since I will be giving it a twice weekly 'feed' of whisky for the next three or so weeks, before icing it.

Here is my littlest chef helping me out with it.

Mixing it......

.....spreading it in the pan........

.....and cooked. The smaller cake on the left is for my parents-in-law.

The house smells wonderfully warm and festive tonight after baking these.

And after the success of last week's Owl hat for Alasdair, I am nearly finished a similar one for David. I shall share that one next week!


  1. I love the Yoda!! It is such a cute idea. :D

  2. The crochet work is amazing!! Well done!

    I love the idea of making a Christmas cake, unfortunately no-one here but me would eat, much as I wouldn't mind or anything, it's a lot of work just for my lil old self! Look forward to seeing what the finished results look like!

  3. oh my goodness Kirsteen, reading your blog always fills me with such lovely inspiration. That little yoda is SO SO cute!!! I am excited to see the next ones!!!

    That cake is gorgeous by the way!!


  4. Kirsteen, your blog is just so much FUN! I love every post! The baking, the boys and all your creative interests! You always inspire me! The Star Wars figure is just amazing! The boys are going to be thrilled!

    I can literally smell this cake! It looks wonderful!


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