Monday, 15 November 2010

Birthday Boy David

On Saturday it was our David's fifth birthday. He was born at 4 o'clock in the morning of Remembrance Sunday 2005. I remember going out to the car to get to the hospital and it was covered in a thick frost! He was born about 20 minutes after we reached the hospital. (His little brother managed to break that record!)

That day was James' (who was then 5) first time marching with the Boy's Brigade in the Remembrance Day parade. Yesterday David got to march in that parade for the first time too.We were very proud of how well the three boys marched (in the rain!).

For a while now, David has been really keen to get a teddy from the Build-a-Bear shop. That was what he chose for his main birthday present. Our schools finish at lunchtime on a Friday so that's when we headed to the shop. He was so excited picking out his bear (doggy, actually), helping to stuff it, choosing his clothes and filling out his birth certificate. He has called him Patch, and loves him very much.

This is them on the train on the way home.

On Saturday we had a little party for him. He wanted a Pirate theme. 

Whenever I am baking, Alasdair tends to sit beside me on the worktop. Here he is after sticking his nose in the icing sugar while I worked on the birthday cake!

And here is the finished cake.

The first thing the party guests had to do was draw treasure maps or pirate pictures on the paper table cloth. They spent quite a while working on their own little bit.

Then after a few party games we had some pirate food.

I had found these pirate cut out decorations on-line and we placed them throughout the house, with one on the outside of the front door to greet the guests!

That's my brother's wife giving out the juice below. She's quite keen to join the blogging world too but needs to think of a catchy title for a blog. I'm all out of inspiration. Her house is full of boys too and she's a stay at home mum too. Any suggestions?

I bought some indoor sparklers for the cake instead of candles. My theory was it was kind of like the dynamite the pirates would used to blow open the treasure. We couldn't get all 5 of them lit at the same time though, so had to do it in two batches. Still, it meant that the fun lasted a bit longer!

Here is the birthday pirate with his cake.

Happy Birthday handsome!

Gaelic word of the day:
sp├╣inneadair (spyoon-a-jer) - pirate


  1. Kirsteen, you are soooo good at these parties! Your boys have such neat cakes and decorations. I love how you choose themes and run with them. This cake is especially amAzing! I don't think I'll ever be good at this kind of thing. Your boys look so cute in the pictures you shared too!

    I wish I had a good suggestion for your SIL's blog title, but I am horrible at thinking of titles. Hey, I didn't let it stop me! ;) The good thing is, if she chooses one she doesn't like, she can always change it later. :)

  2. What a great party! My 5 year old is into pirates as well, he'd have loved that!

    Fabulous cake as well, well done!

  3. I have a David who's 5, too! :)

    The pirate party looks exactly like something my boys would love, and that cake is truly impressive!


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