Monday, 1 November 2010

Miscellaneous Monday

The 1st of November really seems to have brought with it the winter tonight! With the clocks going back an hour at the weekend, it was dark here by about 4.30 and that's only going to get worse in the next few weeks. There is a strong wind and on top of that, it's raining quite heavily. It really took all my enthusiasm to take the boys out to Monday club at church tonight after dinner! This weather just makes me want to hibernate in a cosy house! Thankfully my brother usually takes the boys home from club, so I didn't have to brave the elements a second time!


Saturday's coffee morning seemed to go well. The children all loved the second-hand toy stall and the washable tattoos (which were cute little Bible themed tattoos). I sold a few cards and there was a lovely selection of cakes.


Christmas stuff comes into the shops so early these days that I do my best to completely ignore it until November, so now I am allowing myself to think about it a bit more. I didn't quite make it to November before making my first batch of these little beauties though:

I made them on Saturday night, which was almost November. I have been known to make up my own mincemeat for them (a Nigella recipe, of course) but I'm not sure if I will this year or not. 

I don't tend to make these wheat-free, as Calum doesn't like raisins, although I did last year as I was on a wheat-free diet to see if it helped Alasdair's skin. I'm still working on perfecting my wheat-free pastry.

Traditionally, I try and make my Christmas cake on one of the first couple of weeks in November, to give it time to mature. I made two last year, one wheat-free and one normal. My wheat-free one was far too crumbly though, so it needs a bit of fine tuning. Calum won't eat it, but Alasdair might - he loves raisins!

Out of those little pies above, there are not too many left!


Finally, here's a wee clip to show what Alasdair has been perfecting over the last week:

Gaelic word(s) [three of them!] of the day
coisich (cosh-eech) - walk
fliuch (fl-yooch) - wet
gaothach (gi-hach) - windy

All ending with the Scottish ch sound, and the i sound in gi-hach is as in is.


  1. Yay for Alasdair!! Such an exciting time! I enjoyed hearing you all speaking too!

    Tonight's words were a tongue twister for me, but I gave it my best effort. :)

  2. That video was sooo precious. I found myself smiling ear to ear when the family cheered for the little one. They're SO cute when they're learning to walk.

    And okay, I'm wanting to stop by so I can taste one of those AMAZING looking treats. They're so beautiful and clearly took time and effort. Lovely!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. It's always nice to meet new cyber friends, especially when they crochet. ;)

  3. That video brought much needed cheer to my heart. How wonderful to see and hear all the joy. So sweet.
    The cookies looked so good as well. Glad to hear that the sale went well. It all puts a nice picture in my mind, like reading a good book.
    Much Love,

  4. I love your little "beauties" they look pretty and DELICIOUS! And oh oh oh oh oh OH little Alasdair is tooooo cute! That smile and laugh as he wobbled and walked! I just want to give him kisses all over! I loved hearing the yells from the boys and also your pretty voice! Such fun!


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