Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Great Apron Swap

Well, I finally got round to posting my apron for The Great Apron Swap today. I had been meaning to mention it on here before now but there was always so much other stuff going on to blog about instead.

The apron swap was suggested by Pam, back in September. It sounded like a great idea to me so I signed up, hoping she would allow those of us outwith the US to do so - she did.

I didn't realise then quite how lovely it would be. I've really, really enjoyed getting to know my apron buddy, Danielle, these last few weeks. Thanks so much for pairing us up, Pam! It kind of reminds me of having a pen-friend back at school. Only now we use computers and e-mail, not letters and stamps.

I can't wait to see what apron Danielle has chosen for me. I'll post a photo as soon as it arrives!

I'd love to share what the one I chose for Danielle was like but I don't want to spoil the surprise for her! I do have a photo of it, though, and will share it once Danielle has received her parcel. What I will say, is that I had originally thought I would send a pretty, retro kind of apron. Then I thought, since it is coming all the way from  Scotland to Colorado, I would choose one that reflected where it came from. My Scottish readers will understand that a lot of our touristy shops are dreadfully tacky and twee, so I avoided them, but I did manage to find the perfect apron in another shop. It's quite patriotic. That's all I'm saying.

Once again, great idea Pam. I think we should do something similar in the New Year to brighten up those winter months!

Come next week, I shall be eagerly awaiting the postman every morning!


  1. YAYY I can't wait to see what you sent her and she sent you! So much fun!

  2. Thanks Kirsteen, It has really been such fun for all of us hasn't it? I got paired up with Anne, so I feel happy to be getting to swap in Scotland. I like that you and Danielle are going to be doing something that reflects your regions.

    It is like having pen pals isn't it? I have enjoyed it all so much, even my hubby has found it interesting.
    Much Love,

  3. Good for you, Kirsteen. I'm doing it today, so at least the parcel will miss the Christmas rush!
    Love, Anne x


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