Monday, 22 November 2010

Miscellaneous Monday

~ The boys' school were raising money on Friday for BBC Children in Need. They had a no uniform day and were to wear spots if they could. We have no spotty clothes, so went with the spotty face paint instead.

~Then on Saturday we went for a wee wander round the shops and met the bear himself - Pudsey!

David was too shy to go in the photo, and I thought Alasdair might take fright at a giant walking teddy bear if I put him too close!

(I should point out to all my non-UK friends that Children in Need is an annual telethon by the BBC and Pudsey Bear is their mascot! You can see more about it here.)

~Now that David's birthday has passed we can start to concentrate on our plans for Christmas!

On Saturday morning I put the fruit for my Christmas cake and Christmas pudding into brandy to soak. It's still soaking now so should mean a nice moist cake! I'm hoping to make at least the cake tomorrow, and if I get the chance, the pudding too.

~Who would have thought that brussels sprouts could be fun?! Watch this wee clip and see how Alasdair enjoyed playing with one and showing off how good he is getting at his walking!


  1. Awww, Alasdair is so cute! He is doing a great job with his walking! I loved the little wave. I also liked the idea of painting spots on the faces! :)

    We're getting ready to celebrate thanksgiving, but we're also starting to prepare a little for Christmas. I love the Christmas season! Do you have any holiday that's kind of like thanksgiving over there?

  2. We don't have anything like Thanksgiving over here, although I've always thought about trying to introduce something like it in our house anyway. I love the idea of recognising the need to give thanks for what has happened in the last year.

    I thought maybe this might be the year, and just have a special dinner.

    We do have St Andrews day coming up on 30th November, the national day of Scotland, which is becoming a bigger thing than it used to. I'm planning to have a Scottish dinner at the weekend to celebrate that so might combine the two!

  3. Oh Alasdair is so CUTE! I loved hearing his little voice.

    Your cake and pudding sound delicious! I am hoping to make Nigella's fruit cake this year for Christmas. All your cooking inspires me! I can't wait for you to post more about your Christmas dishes! :)


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