Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Great Apron Swap

It's here!

My apron arrived in the post today, all the way from Colorado, USA. You may remember I mentioned that my apron buddy, Danielle, and I had agreed we would choose apron's reflecting where we came from, given the distance.

Here is the apron she chose for me,

The photos were once again taken by my little cameraman Calum (8).

Once he had taken this one he said we had to get a close up of the middle,

Then he looked at the apron and said, 'Why does it only have one big star and not lots of little white ones?'

Hmmmm, back to my American friends to answer that one!

The apron is a charity one, to support US military veterans.

Thank you so much Danielle! My husband's great loves (after me of course) are UK politics and military history, followed very closely by US politics and military history, so I know he'll love it too.

I've already tested it out and there is a little splodge of tonight's chilli on it!

I can also now show everyone the apron I chose to send to Danielle.

A nice patriotic Scottish Saltire.

Thanks again to Pam at Where your treasure is for organising the swap.

Gaelic word of the day (it's an easy one!):
aparan (as it looks) - apron


  1. YAYY!! I love the apron she sent you! And that you are already putting it to good use! :)

    I love the apron you are sending her! Very Scottish!! I can't wait for her to post about it!

  2. I realize you were probably posting this yesterday, maybe when I was posting, but am just now finishing all my blog catch up. What fun to see your apron
    It looks so cute on you. I like that you have a little camera man.

    I haven't seen Danielle post in a while, and I think her computer may be on the blink, but I can't wait to see yours on her; It looks like a wonderful apron also.

    Sometimes in the US, they use just one star and the fewer stripes to serve as a representation of the American flag, I suppose its not always easy to get 50 stars onto smaller versions, so the one star represents the whole etc.

    Its nice to hear your husband's "great loves"; I think that we all probably have many things in common, those loves run through our family too.

    Enjoyed the whole post.
    Much Love,

  3. How fun! Love the one you made. :)

  4. Just love the apron, and really enjoyed seeing it on you with little Calum as your camera man!

    So excited to see Danielle's apron on her, it is so pretty! I love the scottish Saltire!!

    ~ Marie


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